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  1. pm me in game passiveagressive exgf
  2. as the title says, i bought oreads voucher by mistake again please i need the kc back ASAP I'm sorry to waste your time again with this noob/bad/wrong purchase :/ thx
  3. item disappeared

    I dont want to be a pain in the ass but days ago i did dragon scale boots+8 rebirth. today was checking my inn and the item is not there. back in the time i bought a hellbreaker+11 and it disappeared too. what is going on ? ?
  4. sup fam i am looking for this stuff x1roc+3 x1hv+3 x1draki pendant sss (strg) thats all for the moment please send pm to exgf/ peace
  5. Ok fair enough but I think a scammer and a hacker both are in the same level and they must be punished with the same law elegguadestiny lose his items FINE. BUT 4machine must be BANNED, he deserve it.
  6. wrong purchase from the pus

    I made a wrong purchase from the power up store instead 500 kc i bought by mistake oreads voucher . my nickname in the game is exgf thx