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    I think its safe to say that over 90% of the population believes that GM Omega is CORRUPT/LAZY. I would like anyone that has any screenshots of this CORRUPT/ LAZY gm to upload it to this forum post. Here is some of the photos i can provide that shows hes corrupt, although i could have screen shotted much more in the past although i didn't. (Hes lucky i don't have some of his team speak recordings). SS #1- Being threatened on his personal character after i killed him in CZ. (This character is no longer active so it is not exposing his real identity.) - https://gyazo.com/082a874c759ac00f5f4d7e425dcf5d9b SS#2- Him telling me he will get my kc back from the person who scammed me for 10k kc, if i stop posting a gyazo of him on forums (SS #1) / help him with his combo. - https://gyazo.com/85e4e803220f54a34584c78f0ae4b4ad SS#3- Continuation of SS #2- In this photo he gave me a "Early Unmute for Good Behavior" as a reward for not posting SS#1 to the forums. I was muted for spamming in moradon by Sierra for 24 hours. I guess being on good behavior for 15 minutes is enough to get unmuted on apexko? - https://gyazo.com/6a114baec396227884018631e553518d Whatever differences we have, leave them out of this topic. This topic is dedicated for everyone uniting together to provide proof to Twostars/ Aesteris that GM Omega is corrupt. This topic was approved by Vivaldi to be posted ( this is not an accusation, but has proof behind it.) - https://gyazo.com/e598c495fc64c869b43f300ae275b744
  2. maybe with a population of 50 people that actively play maybe they consider it np
  3. u willin to swap a fire garges aztec fulitol +11 for it?
  4. Selling: KATE FAUN +11 Mage Kro set +8 Chaos Baal +8 Gabs Adamant +8 ROF +1 / +0 Buying: Rogue Kro sett +8 ETS +11 PM ME IN GAME OR HERE: iStunz/ Baked