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  1. Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

    You can buy back deleted items from the Grand Merchant up the steps.
  2. B< FUILITOL +11

    How much for Elf Belt +2?
  3. I'm selling +3 dual roc. Pm me
  4. b> warrior items

    I have 2x roc +3 if you want to buy. Tell me your offer.
  5. Looking to sell my Fire Rain Windforce +8 Price: 1.8-2k KC Pm me in-game (Corrupt) or on forums.
  6. No, I am not. been clanless since I've started. Plus I am orc side too haha.
  7. Welcome, so far I've been looking for a clan as well but played with some people that are fun. Server overall is good, liking it so far going into my 2nd week. Anyways, enjoy your stay and just stay away from the trolls... A lot of them in the server.