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  1. Still looking I guess, If there's any decent human clans please let me know!
  2. lol, Feels like it for the most part, CFoR, is that your name in game?
  3. Thank you so much Vivaldi! Is there any change you could clean my topic up? The server feels good so far, I just wish there were a few more 'updated' guides on the forums XD. not really sure what I'm doing right now lol
  4. Well, my name is also the same in game, I'll probably just stay orc side, I'll figure something out lol
  5. Is your name the same in game?
  6. Going to be starting today, Hoping to find a clan Karus side, I speak english and some french, Going to be playing a priest!, or I can play another class if the clan specifically needs one.