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  1. Seliing Chaos Baal +11 & Warrior items

    LoneSurvivor, if you worry about something I can give you tons of references just let me know
  2. Selling List Chaos Baal +11 Krowaz Set +8 Warrior Dual Roc +3 Dual Opal +3 SOS +2 DARKI SSS STR 2x Gabs Adamant +7 Feel free to whatsapp me (i will reply faster) +18186023576 or pm me here. Thanks
  3. Selling Buying List

    ++ pm offers inbox pls
  4. Selling Warrior Items

    Selling List. Chaos Baal +11, SSS Str, 2x Roc+3, 2x Opal +3, SOS+2, Krowaz Set+8 war Pm here. Thanks
  5. Selling Buying List

    Selling Chaos Baal +11 Reverse Lousy Raum +11 Reverse PM Lonesurvivor or Hoooligan in game with your offer. Thanks
  6. PUS Issue

    Help hello ??
  7. PUS Issue

    No man. Every time when I try to purchase KC via PayPal or credit card the transaction doesn't go thru. I get the message payment was unsuccessful something like that. I tried from 2 different locations / PC and I get the same message. I called my bank to see if they're blocking the transaction because its consider international for some reason but they can't see any transaction being blocked or anything and they said to contact the seller. I am online now in the game if you want to pm me for more information. thanks
  8. PUS Issue

    Hi, can't purchase KC with any of the methods listed -.- Contact my bank and they don't see any transaction's been declined. Someone PM here or in-game (LoneSurvivor) so i can provide further information. Thanks
  9. item gone

    why is taking so freaking long to look into this issue??????????????
  10. item gone

    any update la?
  11. item gone

  12. item gone

    My hepa rappy +11 disappear maybe i sold to sundries, i checked the npc and its not there thought. Happen sometime between 20:00 - 21:18 server time Thanks and i apologize >.<
  13. Selling List for KC or Gb's

    S > Garge Fire Stuff +5 Rev Gab Adama +7 Bomba Nebiros +11 reve EE +10 Rev PM me in game LoneSurvivor or Hoooligan