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  1. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    As mine, half of the kadrom is playing usko, nothing is excuse. We came to 8 v 8 with a priest who played for 1 year and did not play, but we did not cry like you
  2. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    4.50 dak (8 vs 8 + 5 !!) Yes Revulotion 3x priest and yougot %10 revulotion ahahah
  3. A person who curses Allah and Muslims, this is the last person to talk racist talk here. Unfortunately, people who know these curses can be with you. If your mother is important for you then Allah is also for us. Polemik is closed first and last comment. If you do not like a vs you get your kc as you see on the video. Write as many thieves as you want, who knows what I am.
  4. Nova Effect Fire Rain WF

    Mükemmel NPT
  5. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

  6. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

  7. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

    Güncel .. . . .+++++++++
  8. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

  9. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

  10. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

  11. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

  12. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

    UP UP UP
  13. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems

  14. <<SELL Priest Elit İtems