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  1. adadad01

    Can't launch the game - Application Error

    Unfortunately, i am still facing with this error message even after creating launcher shortcut with the parameter that you gave to me. I've sent my TeamViewer details, please check your inbox. Thank you.
  2. adadad01

    Can't launch the game - Application Error

    I've sent details to you by pm.
  3. adadad01

    Can't launch the game - Application Error

    Unfortunately, It didn't work for me. Have you read what i wrote? I've disabled Windows Defender/Firewall completely. Other than that starting KO with root permissions also didn't solve the problem.
  4. Greetings, I'm getting the error shown in the picture below while starting the game. I also did some research about this error in forum but answers related to this problem couldn't fix my problem. Most of the answers are relating this issue to an antivirus program but the problem is, I don't even use any antivirus program. Some details about my system and what i have done: I don't have any antivirus program. I've DirectX installed on my system. I am using Windows 10 Version 1607, build 14393 Windows Firewall is completely disabled as well as Windows Defender. Added exception to DEP for both Launcher and KnightOnline.exe, didn't help. I also have downloaded game client from multiple sources(GDrive and Mediafire) and reinstalled on different locations 4th times. So what may cause this issue? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.