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  1. ApexKO Vote Links

    yeah.. xtremetop seems like the website has problems... it says srry for the inconvenience...
  2. Leonards / BP

    you're crazy.. kurian are not op... a lvl 60 kurian can kill a lvl 83 warrior.. but no.. they are not op...
  3. New Weapons Stats

    thank youu!! is there fire staff? o.O
  4. check this out... http://forum.apexko.com/topic/1344-dc-prem/?hl=prem this topic says how dc prem drop rates work... by itself doesnt improve the drop rate... but with dc flashes... noah dropate increases 100% and item drop rate increases 50% from its base... (if raptor has 10% of drop rate, plus 6 dc flashes (50%+) it will has a drop rate of 15%)
  5. -Beginner clan.That is a clan with people that just joined the server or new maked account and like that they can help each other out. At the moment you have something like that but that ends at level 40 but people are already 60 when they make a account.A lot other servers have the same and it is helping. +1!!!!!! pple should join a beginner clan to help each other to lvl to 83....
  6. 3gbs and im taking a risk...
  7. wow... boombox thats why u burn me bitch... xD
  8. ApexKO's a wild snowman appeared!

    uhmm they spawm in random places ?
  9. [VS Event] Both Nations

    why not vs of int priest? xD
  10. yeah... and most players who leave ( even the server jumpers) its because of that.... however.. I said IN MY OPINION.... just keep updating this game.. its lovely yet... xD
  11. why you're not updating nor fixing bugs... 2 weeks since las changelog.. ppl is leaving... I love that alpha is always online answering questions and so... but should be nice something new... isilon at bowl.. (4 fake isilon and just 1 real, or an overpower isilon) more daily quests... ( kill 10 mages, 10 rogues, 10 kurians... somethinglike) kill 5 members of the same clan.. get 5 revenges kill 1 cardinal 1 human and 1 cardinal in less than 1min kill 10 atross/riotes kill 3 bakirras (its a pointless boss because of worthless drop) 50% nps increase event war on sartudays... only 1h of invasion (even if the war ends in 7minuts) buffs keepers so they last longer... or make them almost undefeatable the first 30min of war... kill the king and you get 2 apexis chest we need new stuffs... something interesting to do... thanks..
  12. is there any languange filter? No... so... why do you care if he flames at you?? we're grown man.. its pointless this kind of post...