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  1. [Dj] - Whats up guys who is playing still?

    Fuck it then, if there is other one lemme know
  2. Sup guys, who is still playing apexko from first start. Let me know might want to come back, join a clan and have some fun.
  3. Can't launch the game - Application Error

    I hope he fix it for you bro.
  4. Can't launch the game - Application Error

    @root @Sierra @Omega @Aesteris ] We've tried everything we could, and cant seem to find the problem. Please twostars can you take a look on hes computer and see what the issues could be? Regards,
  5. Can't launch the game - Application Error

    Have you read what i said? Indeed, then as i told you it could be that you disabled to late or something or restarted computer then everything gets turn back on. If you want i can help via teamviewer. Sent me details via pm
  6. Can't launch the game - Application Error

    Realy easy, or reinstall because could be windows defender or some other crap deleted something. (MAKE SURE ALL DISABLED) Or open as administrator.
  7. #DoYourParentsKnowTheyMadeAMistake?
  8. S> Cocka+3/Darki DEX S.S.B

    how much for dual coka?
  9. Post a picture of yourself

    Thank you for your answer.
  10. Post a picture of yourself

    Hello there, Maybe would be nice to see who is realy behind he's account ;)! PS: Can you also post picture's of other players when you have them?
  11. 8v8 Tournament (UsKO have)

    and please aesteris and twostars i want u to build a studio like this and do live stream
  12. Suggestion [Certificate of Victory]

    +1 would be great
  13. Everytime receiving a certificate of victory is useless, could you make like some NPC where you can exchange it and receive something for it ? (Like apex chest etc)
  14. Nice story now write a book,