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  1. Hyldtel


    PUS isn't working properly for me can anybody help me fix this issue? not letting me see anything and on homepage it says products in preparing, can't by kc items or and PUS items
  2. Hyldtel

    topic can be closed ty all

    no need to be rude doesn't show up like that on a phone fuck bro
  3. Hyldtel

    topic can be closed ty all

    here ya go I took a ss to show you
  4. Hyldtel

    topic can be closed ty all

    you should edit your post then it's in your buying section.
  5. Hyldtel

    topic can be closed ty all

    pm me in game hyldtel I have ada +7 non reb I'm at work now or pm me your name in game and I'll pm you
  6. Hyldtel


    that is actually not a bad idea, I will have to do that in the morning when I get home from work, it also gives double the amount of cz quests and np for np gambling
  7. Hyldtel

    Atross/Riots NP bugged

    so me and a few clannies have noticed that sometimes when we kill some riots or Atross we don't get the np, idk if anybody has noticed this but there are quite a few in my clan that have and was wondering if it's a known bug that's being worked on or if this is the first anybody has heard of it thanks hope to hear back
  8. Hyldtel


    Server needs some balance in my opinion, its 1030am where I live right now. I'm horrible with timezones but cz is dead of orcs this time of day, and at night cz is dead of humans, theres not much time where its even its always one sided. Where is the server based out of? Maybe server just needs new players so we can get some balance here.
  9. Hyldtel


    already tried unlock task bar and I hope the f13 comment was a joke lmao
  10. Hyldtel


    So this post isn't about the game at all just asking for a little help with my computer. Last night my daughter was on it and did something to where my task bar is visible on screen no matter what I'm doing, usually its gone when I'm in game but now it wont go away. Does anybody know how to make it go away when I'm in game? Ive tried settings but cant seem to find anything there, normally I'm pretty good with computers but this simple little thing has me completely stumped!!! Please help as it is very annoying and I cant press any of the buttons on the bottom of the game screen now Thanks Guys
  11. Hyldtel

    Gear Issue

    So I was in moradon and bought Warrior Krowaz Boots +7 for 185m, wicked cheap so I jumped on it, well now I just noticed the the boots are gone along with my 185m, can a gm investigate this issue was 6/14/2017 time was around 6pm-645pm, pretty much right before Ultima spawned at end of war. thanks Char name is Hyldtel
  12. Hyldtel

    wrong purchase

    Made a wrong purchase and bought oreads voucher by accident is there anyway to change back to my kc? its in my inventory and would like to exchange back
  13. Hyldtel

    Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT

    I'm very confused about this post lol, what is going on exactly?
  14. Hyldtel

    Buy & Sell List (17/03/2018)

    how much for the draki str a.s.s
  15. Hyldtel

    S> Priest Gear

    Still available?