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  1. B> SSS (STR) and Gabs+8 / +11

    B> SSS (STR) Gabs Adamant +8 Gabs Blessing +11 Pm : RagnarLordBROK
  2. Sell Full itens warrior

  3. Sell Full itens warrior

    Selling list Gear >>> Krowaz Pauldron +11 Uniques >>> 2x ROF +3 Krowaz Pads +11 2x Diamond Ring +3 Krowaz Helmet +11 1x SOS+3 Krowaz Boots +11 2x Opal Earring +3 Krowaz Gauntlets +11 1x Draki SSB (STR) Chaos Baal +11 1x AOS+3 Chitin Shield +11 1x Sash+3 (Do not sell spare parts! ) 2x Pe+ 3 OBS: And a lot of junk in the inn, like PUS items. ( Offers only in the inbox forum. )
  4. Sell Full itens warrior

  5. Sell Full itens warrior

  6. Sell Full itens warrior

  7. Sell Full itens warrior

  8. Sell Full itens warrior

  9. Sell Full itens warrior

  10. Sell Full itens warrior

  11. Sell Full itens warrior

    BUMP !!!
  12. Good morning, I come here to state my opinion about some changes we can take to make the server more interesting. 1st - More creative events, like ex: Find GM - Event Boss in CZ / MORADON - Clan vs Clan - among others. 2º - I and some friends believe that some events should leave the CZ open, as an example of CSW, the Colone Zone area is open. So I believe that by leaving the BOSS War, the CZ can remain open during the event. 3º - I believe that the Transfer of the nation must be 1 time a month, not to transform this mess of 10 clan hosts and 1 clan to be human, then the PK would be much more attractive and balanced. 4º - This is especially for my taste, I believe that the Duration Item in PUS must be added, and some others that I do not remember, if someone remembers more items to be added in the PUS, Comment below. Note: If someone does not agree with my opinion, create more ideas and attractions so that together we make the game much more fun and attractive, and do not criticize my idea without at least leaving a concrete opinion.
  13. Completed.

  14. Doubt of how to use the Cypher Ring

    If I buy a warrior that already has a personal sword + 11, and want to put it in the chyper ring, how do I do this staff not to be lost, I have to delete it in the trash and try to recover later in the NPC, With the account? Thank you for now.
  15. Completed.

  16. Completed.

  17. Completed.

    up!! ++++
  18. Completed.

    ++++++ UP!!!

    Buy itens > Dragon scale +11 (Pauldron) Dragon scale +11 (Boots) String of Skull + 2 / +3 Krowaz Warrior +8 ( Pauldron / gauntlet /pads ) 2x Roc+3 Draki Pendat (SSS) Strength Selling itens > Dragon Scale pads +11 2x Diamond +3 Pm in the game: RagnarLordBROK or here in the forum.


    Up !!
  22. Shopping List

    Buy Itens Warrior > 2x Opal earring+3 1x SOS+3 2x Diamond+3 1x Wirinom +11 or ( Baal+11 ) 3x Dragon scale +11 ( pads - boots - pauldron ) 2x Krowaz warrior +11( Helmet - gloves ) Please anyone who is interested in selling, send a message to me in the forum, already with the value of the item, thank you.
  23. Please, I made a purchase on June 16th, since then KC has not fallen into my account, I wait replies. Thank you Nick in the game is RagnaRLordBROK
  24. B> Chaos Baal or chaos Wirinom +11 - Pm in game 4Nick