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  1. Item received in mail but when I click to accept it says "couldn't receive the item".
  2. arrowx

    where do you go for 2k / 5k medals

    Okay cool. I guess if you care about symbol you just cash in the medals a day before the month ends.
  3. arrowx

    where do you go for 2k / 5k medals

    Whats difference between np's/lp's. np is what you donate to your clan right so what is lp and is there a harm in losing them to trade for medals
  4. hey where is the npc that you go to to cash in NP ladder point rewards or w/e Is it like you trade 2k/5k of your national points in return for an item? So you actually do lose NP's for this right?
  5. arrowx

    Start Of Something Great

    you forgot to mention the requirement of being orc : (
  6. buy krowaz +11 set buy legionaire band +3 msg me ty
  7. S > WF+11 Bombastic for 16K KC. Msg me here or ingame (arrowx).
  8. arrowx

    Purchased 500 KC. Never showed up.

    Thank you. Also thank you for the bonus KC <3
  9. been over an hour and still no apex point update
  10. msg here or in game 12gb for aod+3 ty
  11. B> Diet WindForce for 20K B> Elf Belt +3 for 2.5K Msg me here please. Thanks.
  12. arrowx

    What is best in slot rogue gear and price check.

    Which wind force is the best one?
  13. Can you guys tell me price in KC of all the items below? Draki SSS necklace Silver Earring +3 both earrings Belt = elf belt +3 ? Rings = ring of life +3 or legionaire band +3 dual or mix? Bow = Eagle Eye +9 or one of the windforce items? Armor - All krowaz or mix it with mithril (I noticed some profiles have both).