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  1. Item received in mail but when I click to accept it says "couldn't receive the item".
  2. Okay cool. I guess if you care about symbol you just cash in the medals a day before the month ends.
  3. Whats difference between np's/lp's. np is what you donate to your clan right so what is lp and is there a harm in losing them to trade for medals
  4. hey where is the npc that you go to to cash in NP ladder point rewards or w/e Is it like you trade 2k/5k of your national points in return for an item? So you actually do lose NP's for this right?
  5. you forgot to mention the requirement of being orc : (
  6. buy krowaz +11 set buy legionaire band +3 msg me ty
  7. S > WF+11 Bombastic for 16K KC. Msg me here or ingame (arrowx).
  8. Purchased 500 KC. Never showed up.

    Thank you. Also thank you for the bonus KC <3
  9. been over an hour and still no apex point update
  10. msg here or in game 12gb for aod+3 ty
  11. KINGS Vs SmallBrain/Cartel

    That would be actually really cool. Maybe even 2 priests, 2 rouges, 2 warriors, 2 mages - different specs like 1 archer 1 sin, 1 attack warr and 1 passion etc
  12. B> Diet WindForce for 20K B> Elf Belt +3 for 2.5K Msg me here please. Thanks.