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    9a3o20 reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (05/02/2017)   
    Changed stun and slow rate calculations. Scream stun rate reduced. Leg cut slow rate is now set instead of calculated. Shock stun for human warriors is now set instead of calculated (Shock stun for Karus warriors was already set instead of calculated). Kurian/Porutu DoT skills (Drakey curses) no longer stack; Only the most recently applied DoT skill will tick. (NOTE: ANY Kurian/Porutu can, and will, overwrite another Kurian's already applied DoT). Kurian/Porutu Rush [Passive] now no longer makes Rush stun with 100% chance, instead it now has a 50% chance to stun. Kurian/Porutu DoT skills (Drakey curses) now enjoy 100% MP contribution (up from 55%). Kurian/Porutu Spear (1H and 2H) AP contribution is now inline with Swords, Clubs, and Axes. Freezing Distance now has no chance of working on targets under 50% of their max health. Freezing Distance now has no chance of working on targets currently holding the Border Defense War debuff. Attempted fix for mage skills hitting players after they town and are already teleported there. Range checks on melee skills have been tightened a bit. Monsters in Ronark Land should no longer aggro on you if you are in combat with one of their "friends".  
    Kurians/Porutus have remained untouched for too long, and we're taking this opportunity to hit them with the nerfhammer. Inspired entirely by the Korean servers, which have introduced these changes after prolonged discussion with the community, we felt as if this will address a few of the key issues with Kurians at the moment. We will be monitoring the situation and take a look at how players respond to these changes, and whether the effect on the balance of this class is similar to how we'd like it to play out.