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  1. PM Ceeya, he's selling one.
  2. It shouldn't, a flame nova should only do damage and not cancel cast lol.
  3. B>warrior uniques

    S>ROC+0 (COINS ONLY) pm lucho
  4. You know monster stone is really hard for int priests, right? Place all the quest bosses in eslant, that's it.
  5. Adding magic hammers is a good idea, I can't afford PUS items tbh.
  6. Software: The software is pretty comprehensive. It allows macros to be created/assigned, full control over DPI/lighting (color, speed and flashing or "breathing" intensity)/pointer speed/acceleration/double-click speed/polling rate/etc, has 5 profiles you can customize and load, and is an easy install. Read m8
  7. why the fuck arent they banned yet?
  8. who is Alpha? ban their asses
  9. It should be easy to change the re-spawn time of npc's in war zone, right?
  10. well yeah, now I understand how he made many nps.
  11. Pretty sure has been doing this for long time, that's how he get nps (plus killing atrosses). If orcs won war why is he in the war zone?