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  1. Hey guys! 1080 HD and the big screen please
  2. Suggestion

    I know oldtime beta Apex have sundires but now no have Entertainment visual also usko new patch added npc i hope maybe Apex
  3. Suggestion

    Priest geldi yerde takla atıp üzerine havai fişek atıcam kuduracaksın kürt bekle
  4. Kurian or Portu

    UsKO kurian pull skill succes 30% ApexKO 100% UsKO Rush 100% ApexKO i dk rush not 100% UsKO Thunderstorm succes 10% ApexKO 100% Also kurian m20 divide armor enemy using 2x left click delete but ApexKO need cc UsKO kurian lucky & succes skill and bad character ApexKO verry strong kurian.
  5. APEXKO Whistle 6ws8

    rorororock it küküküküürt it

    Miyomrişooon Atğam mişiiiiiiii
  7. OMGMiguannnnnnnnn test ws

    Adam akıyor ya 5 lira kırtasiyeden aldığın mouse de ayrı fena click yapıyor amk
  8. APEXKO Whistle 6ws8

  10. APEXKO Whistle 6ws8

  11. APEXKO Whistle 6ws8

    Olmamış kürt beğenmedim 2nci şarkı da berbat verdim disslikeni
  12. Miguan PK Moive

    DrMiguannnn the best ApexKO itz immortal kill everybody...
  13. DrManhattan TEST

    Hello everyone; 4 advance and im knowingly die and i kidding playing. Video gogogo upload manhattan But 4-0 u first winn i give you "4" advance payment after i real playing score 5-4 why You giveme pay 1500 just scammer other kc 1500 giveme other kc and upload im all versus video and kidding im 4 die video watch np Cry + liar manhohohootten and manhoohotten idiot friend's start! P.S Ty TEST easier than I thought
  14. [BUY] Warrior Items / KC

    Sell +2 rof pm Chaprisslee
  15. Miguan PK Moive

    You really? Challenge me? Ok go login game 5k kc i have 5k kc versus
  16. Miguan PK Moive

    I will not even make you a video because you are a jerk and a simple player I do not have time to spend time on you 0 combo 0 brain Now stfu i don't answer you
  17. Miguan PK Moive

    I suck you full hp oldtime remember me old nick LauraWells Full starter no have cospre walk set or wing I have little item now. Come versus you no giveme kc u kill me i gift you kc you idiot easy player Bad edit bad player Congratulations 0/0 lmao
  18. APEXKO Whistle intro

  19. APEXKO Whistle intro

    @BroOk Martin you or lbrook fake?
  20. Miguan PK Moive

  21. mdma

    I'm sure video upload after giveme kc "really sure". Mentally retarted