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  1. Ubi


    Seems like you are the one who needs help, no1 is getting angry, like you said it is a game, you keep playing an empty server while the rest of us who think its not how things should be handeled choose to kill our time somewhere else (hoping things might get better) @Devo i havent seen 10ppl in cz for a long time, ill check it when i get home, but i call bs :/
  2. Ubi


    Even if we were "complaining" which we are not, at least we are not lying to ourself and the whole community about the servers state... I didnt loose all hope to this server, i just dont think it worths to play right now. Not sure about the admins, they really dont seem to care, they still havent answered to any of the important suggestions/concerns about the server.
  3. Ubi


    Funny how u keep saying server is growing again yet every time i log theres 5 ppl in moradon and maybe 2 in cz
  4. Not sure if admins are busy or just dont care anymore, but an answer would be nice...
  5. Hi, since the population dropped theres not enough people for bdw, juraid etc, so usually you just get rejected. My suggestion is even if only 1 person signs up to these events it should start, bdw is good exp, can be won solo, juraid is a bit difficult, but still maybe you can kill a few mobs then just quit or whatever, up to you. Would bring some variety to the server.. Would like to hear the admins opinion Cheers
  6. Ubi

    RE-LAUNCH? Discuss!

    Why does it matter who am I ingame? Don't make it personal about me... But okay if you don't want a fresh start thats perfectly fine, I understand you, I just don't think things will get better here without drastic changes, and like I said hiring GM's is a good step but it won't bring back ppl on its own.
  7. Ubi

    RE-LAUNCH? Discuss!

    Active GM presence won't bring new players by itself tho. And they are hiring new staff so let's hope it won't be an issue anymore
  8. Ubi

    RE-LAUNCH? Discuss!

    Pscroll, this topic was not made to discuss all the problems the server has, we already have topics for that, it was made to discuss a possible re-launch since noone really brought up the idea yet. Not in a topic at least. Loosing your lvl's/items sucks, I get that, but like said before, whats the point of having a gg char if you can't enjoy it, yesterday I went to ED, I was the only one (!!!) registering, 0 humans... Okay it was after restart but still, I remember ppl were camping the launcher after restarts to rush CZ, now after 30min the server was still empty. Blue's idea could also work, I was also thinking about that, open a temporary 2nd server for 2-3 months so new ppl can catch up, then merge the 2 servers. Old players won't loose anything (also the main server can't get any more inactive as it is now...), new players can farm their stuff w/o problem.
  9. Ubi

    RE-LAUNCH? Discuss!

    I think your clan is the only one thinking that way. Care to explain why?
  10. Ubi

    RE-LAUNCH? Discuss!

    I know they said no re-launch before, but maybe they'll change their mind if they see many ppl support the idea
  11. Ubi

    RE-LAUNCH? Discuss!

    Hello guys! I opened this topic in order to discuss a possible re-lauch of the server. Now before you say no, just take a look at the current population of the server. It is war time right now, theres 3 humans in the war map and maybe 6 orcs? Moradon is empty, theres only 1 guy merchanting and thats it. The biggest downside of a re-launch would be ofcourse old players loosing their hard earned items, I get that, but lets face it, at this point the server is pretty much dead, and I can't really see any chance to grow. Most of the ppl went to usko, those who left before also won't come back, new players are outgeared by a lot, and now with 0 merchant they aren't able to buy their stuff. Remember it's just my 2 cents, but I think a re-launch with proper advertising would do good to the server. So what y'all think?
  12. Ubi

    exp :/

    Wtf how can u say its hard? 1. Take the new comers prem for free 2. Level to 35 3. Go to ms. With one you can reach 55+, two is enough for 60 4. Use level jump event and you are already 73+ With a clan you can reach 80 in a day Ps. If you are lazy theres the free 20 hour genie
  13. Ubi

    Voting points

    Does any1 still checking those voting sites tho? Dont think so...
  14. Ubi

    How to be a dragon!

    So what if it is a bug? Still doesnt justify yall camping there. /logic Bug abuse is still a bannable offense i believe, however in this case it'd just do more harm, so they should just get their nps removed and receive a warning.