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  1. k22k

    ApexKO Movie Contest

    Wow, great job man! I really enojoyed it! Also I love The killers and disturbed
  2. k22k

    For you Aziz

    Aziz should play magic the gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh because he has a counter spell (statement in that case) for everything
  3. k22k

    The Pride of Apexko!

    If you look at SpookyFish's profile you may see that every single of his post is a blame or insult. So don't mind this retard, he doesn't know anything or anyone in this server
  4. k22k

    AYGIR Cheats

    I'm not sure whether he is abusing the DOT bug or not, but I can say this: All 4 of the drakeys skills stack, which means you can have 4 x different DOT dmg on you. Also each of these skills increases the dmg done by other skills either 10, 20, 30 or 40% (However only one boost is working, similarly to when you torment some1 and use malice right away) Another fun fact is that when Kurian puts 200MP to his stat points, the drakeys damage doubles as it is considered a magic attack.
  5. k22k

    AYGIR Cheats

    These skills are pretty much spammable as long as you have Stamina. Also there are 4 types of this skill, each a little bit stronger than the other
  6. k22k

    AYGIR Cheats

    Dude what's your problem? Go test it out if you don't believe me otherwise stfu. All the posts i've read by you are just blames blames and blames
  7. k22k

    AYGIR Cheats

    If you guys didn't know, both attack and wep enchant scroll do work for a mage for some reason (I just tested it out just to be sure). Also, str points increase the damage quite well.
  8. k22k

    Mage is useless here

    Fire mage party would rape pretty good but people don't make one because you only can pk when there's atleast 5+ mages, otherwise the damage isn't enough. Every other time you can't get a descent party together you just get 2 hit by every sin and 3 hit by every warrior.
  9. k22k

    Mage is useless here

    MP mages tend to have low hp. Also HP build doesn't increase the hp too much, max to 7k. Support mage is actually fairly great to play, however I tried fire attack build aswell and it is totally pointless. The fire staff doesn't too much more damage than ice or lightning staff, however other skills hit pretty good ~2k. Making paper defense armors available would give a lot of variety to the BP and mage builds, however i'm not certain if it would fix the problem
  10. k22k


    Not recently whatsoever, so You're right, I might be mistaken about the current percentage and I will kindly fuck off now as this is not an assassin related topic. When considering how the skills work, yes. However not damage wise
  11. k22k


    Have any of you guys played the ORIGINAL KO? the Korean or the Japanese KO? I have never seen any server including USKO as similar to the original as ApexKO. Skillwise or event wise. USKO has done many things "incorrectly" as they obviously don't know how to make things work correctly. 99% of new events that come out in USKO are either buggy or adjusted to the liking of the admins. I'm tired of seeing people complaining about how things are done in USKO. Get over it, this is not USKO and it will never be. (This is not targeted on you Spooky ) Yes, CP is around 50% in USKO but as far as I have seen, the GM's in this server like to keep things balanced. So the CP percentage was lowered to 33% at the early stages of the server, and in FACT the CP success percentage was lately risen to 36%. The slight change in the percentage is the point I was aiming for, not the overall difference between the two Knight Onlines. I apologize for the misunderstanding but I personally don't see any point in nerfing the kurians or making the assassins more powerful.
  12. k22k


    Rogues didn't get nerfed, they got boosted. Critical power was made better and new jamadars were added
  13. k22k


    Dunno, pull fails a lot for me
  14. k22k


    Kurians are only great in Devil mode, otherwise they are easily killable. Also, they are a support class first hand and the skills they have are really well balanced in my opinion. Stun skills on kurian are 100% because AOE stun is supposed to be 100% (Considering it takes up almost all of your stamina and has a really long Cooldown) and rush has a second supportive skill that makes it work 100%. Pull is not 100%, the failure rate depends on how far you are standing from the enemy. The closer you are, the better it works. Another reason I think Kurians are not OP is that they have way weaker attack skills than warriors and furthermore, the main attack skill fails A LOT. (I've made 7 failed hits in a row, basically every second or third hit is a fail. It works kinda like Cleave for warriors). Also, all attack skills that don't use stamina have a cooldown, meaning you can't combo as fast as a warrior or BP when the stamina is low. Divide armor was added for a reason to this class - to compensate the low damage (they would only hit like ~600 max without it and that's with the strongest skill you can only use every now and then because of the stamina requirement) and to give the class a slowing skill (Similar to warrior's leg cutting). The Devil mode compensates the lack of shield and makes the class playable. With out it, Kurians run out of mana in 5 seconds as the skills consume more mana than any other class. With second grade Devil strengthening the Devil Mode lasts for about 3 x kurian's base HP worth of damage, which wears out really quickly in party pk. In my opinion saying Kurians are OP because they can easily win someone in VS is like saying priests are OP because they can debuff and heal themselves in VS. And have you tried soloing stronger monsters with kurian (for example Dark stones)? Devil mode lasts for like 15 seconds and as soon as it wears off you use so much mana that you have the option to either only use HP pots or to only use Mana pots in order to be able to attack (leading to a run away), meanwhile any other class can easily solo many in a row
  15. k22k


    OMG I lost my shit at the end when YouGotPwndByMyAss said: Bulky bulcan