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  1. For everyone that knows Eden he just took my Krowaz robe +11 on Apexko Which he crafted with my money (Apex point/gbs) Eden managed to find a bug in apexko panel (or thru mail) change my email to his and so on changed seal pin unsealed it i got this mail: (i didn't even recieve a mail when he changed it to his, it just did to change it back to mine) MyLesthope (eden's char in europa) eden (his name) hope gms see that this is there fault! i recieved this when i was asleep, when i logged it was gone alot of ppl warned me, i hope he gets banned again. EDIT: Eden was gonna get 50% of what i get from the account/items paid in $ (for the nps he made on the account) IF THE ACCOUNT WAS GONNA BE SOLD
  2. rebirthing lousy pickpocket windforce

    thats supposed to happen
  3. Current problems with CSW

  4. Cartel

    more info.
  5. Current problems with CSW

    1: If ally A takes monu ally member B doesn't respawn in the castle 2: Ally's can take monu from each other 3: Monument is 2 easy to kill
  6. Vote in my opinion, this current csw sucks balls and the new usko csw is alot more interesting!
  7. but in usko mages can't fight melee's anymore and the reason you get stunned is cause your LR = -10 =)
  8. it just doesn't work this way "last hit win" with this manny clans in this server its just impossible or make everything so beside the "deffenders/attackers" so everyone can still attack each other BUT: when monu is captured everyone thats not allied or in the clan that takes it gets tped to town. (which means the guys that did take it will not get tped) - so that makes it still so you can fight whoever you want. but then less chaotic around the castle ALSO INCREASE THE HP
  9. can you change it to the new version? like its supposed to be in this KO version?
  10. there is a reason for that. everyone can get the crystal fairly (the clan that holds it s a big clan/alliance) and its alot more fun then this last hit bs
  11. its np gain in usko now aswell, there is a reason why they changed this.