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  1. soapman06 + my favourite dodgeball player, i will join too.
  2. ApexKO - Selam Czesc

    I am glad you hold me so close to your heart. Perhaps i can send you a card during christmas!
  3. ApexKO - Selam Czesc

    Yes, you started the server with insta krowaz+8 set?
  4. ApexKO - Selam Czesc

    Someone dies in KO, special moment :DDD
  5. ApexKO - Selam Czesc

    If the community here is so "retarded" according to you, why did you come back from bestestestest USKO then? People don't need lessons about what's up in USKO, we have all been there. Some from 2004, some since steamko. 80% of my old clannies lost their items/chars by GM's on last official we played. No wonder why we prefer private servers.
  6. Löytyyks mageler kamaa?
  7. Where is dem legendary mr. soapman06? These forums are 1/5 without him. I see murican comeback?
  8. LostHeaven Tribute

    This was just unnecessary from you. Altough it made me smile a bit
  9. WarOfTheDamned First Action

    Nice movie! Keep up the good work
  10. Erdogan banned all turkish holidays! I will get you busted for this treason! Have a good one
  11. VOTE ! LOLxONLYSikilir

    It's not going so well for turkish leaders in general. xD
  12. Still waiting for Lillith poledance.avi !!!
  13. LostHeaven Special Movie

    R3DHayaTR, don't worry. Now they don't have TBL so it will be easy for you guys to VS.
  14. LostHeaven vs DYNASTY + Kurian

    Seems that there are no-one playing this server who can admit defeat in any way.