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  1. Totally agree, Joyla is good person and he deserve the staff help. And i swear MeanToBeeM and his clan members won't be added to my pt anymore, and i won't make any trades with them aswell..
  2. He thouht he is selling +1rev :D:D:D and if im not wrong it was like 80m.. but staff did their best and solve the problem
  3. I like the idea with 7Key Keepers. About Lunar Tattoo I'm not sure how hard to do you want to make it, but my idea is to make quest like compete enemy invasion/protect your nation, and to get this tattoo you have to done all 3 quests for monuments. And durstion of this tattoo wouldn't be 7 days but 3/4 days so it will force ppl to attend all lunar wars. Edited due to some noobish language mistakes caused by Gboard autocorrect..
  4. Any leaks and rumors what we can expect with that? Any starts or type od quest?
  5. You are right, we all want just to make it cheaper or make its duration longer. Every way will be good. That what we mentioned before is the quckest option, not one and only what's more, your option will be better but more time consuming, so if admins will decide to change the price and method of buying, they can do it gradually.
  6. If we only care about spending GBs then it doesnt matter if u have to buy 100/200kc and buy tattoo from pus or just buy it from npc for GBs...
  7. Sounds great, lets see what staff think about that.
  8. I'm totally agree with that. Actual price is really high, cospre is much cheapper if you buy it for a month. But new or casual players can't afford any of that unless it will be cheaper. Cospre price is good, therefore solar tattoo price should be decreased. In my opinion 5GB per 7 days is awesome, or atleast 10GB but for 14 days.