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  1. KissOfNeo

    SELL / BUY

    Sell Holy Knight Portu Set +7 ( 5 K KC ) BUY Mage Krowaz Top Pants Boots +8 Book +11 ( Flame ) and ( Light ) PM prices
  2. KissOfNeo

    rez not working

    Ive had same trouble from time to time unable to rez..... But have changed chars and not tryed for a while now
  3. KissOfNeo


    was close enouth that everyone else behind him i could cast on but 100% fail from the distance all the way to where decented to started spaming me with 60 skill and still i only fail till dead. Only my heal would work for me 0 damage to him.. So the distance i was away was within Decent range and closer with skill fail The mage in distance i managed to cast on and do normal damage to
  4. KissOfNeo


    I found i cant cast poison kurian skills on other kurian.. I tryed to use skill failed then tryed same skill on mage longer distance away and worked fine.... New patch makes it so only some chars work good rest no good fail unable to attack so on
  5. KissOfNeo

    Accessories upgrade +2 failed again

    +1 go 100% all the way try get new ppl fastest way to make them leave is get half way geared to old players and fail item like rings belt and they dont want to waste time trying again. Will also help drop the market as ppl with +2 change normal price + extra for making it +2
  6. A priest cast is to slow with the way apex works. Mages stop to many skills for priests solo but when there is 2 or more can call it death ... Even worse mage and the macro archers = 100% death is seconds the macros cast faster than than all priest skills start to finish.. Upset everyone add a half a second cool down on the spamable skills a priest and other chars may have a chance to get a heal off
  7. KissOfNeo


    Need the mini things Trees and other small bosses to random spot sporn not same place over and over more in bowl to keep ppl there middle bowl better drops like bus not behind base where no one is there... If want free farm then EMC LUFF Moradon is for that make the farm spots for bus random in bowl ... CZ is a big place over all and to spread out for makings free GBs and lowing pk ... The idea said a few weeks ago was reduce GBs make pk better so make it all bowl not outside where its same drop timed for same 10 ppl all day long. Make the mobs behind base over river out of pk main zone drop excp items pads so on but the most wanted 100% farm items BUS so on in bowl from them mobs and loose the gold coins. Also look into the into the missing NPs get kills in party and get 0 nps sometimes from other nation atross roites still
  8. KissOfNeo

    Some of priest skills...

    So many things go wrong even if see the skill cast not everyone gets the party heal game selects who to heal and who not to. Then even better when get the slow motion casting and all fail .
  9. KissOfNeo

    Missing items in buying merchant?

    Holy Knight Portu ( All armours for portu missing )
  10. KissOfNeo

    top 5 player

    Ide love to thank the ko team for the handing out of bow and pads causing stun stick cant more nothing over and over at least kills pk for days and guessing same ppl will prob receive it over and over .. Why hand out so over powered gear to some with the idea to chase others away from game Nice logic thinking on that part Thanks
  11. KissOfNeo

    Blessed upgrade scroll stacks

    need magic bag so when get 200 put stack in there hen get 200 more put in magic bag so on ... Then when go merchant take all out of magic bag and have in normal bag to sell
  12. Not all weapons but things out dated but old loved ones and things that the Free have destroyed marked on like most staffs rappys so on should be looked at
  13. KissOfNeo


    New items
  14. KissOfNeo

    Required Light Rest and INT

    with comments like that cant read as well when go back and see what admin had posted to me shows the biggest retarted idiot comment so far here and on shout box .. Over with it had my say heard from admin happy to read real comments from ppl who have a say and not try to prove they are better with there macro playing for them
  15. KissOfNeo

    Required Light Rest and INT

    So when stunned unable to move how do you kill them