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  1. Sell/Buy

    ++ New items
  2. Sell/Buy

  3. Mobs Set off Adament skill

    Mobs setting off gab Adament skill In pk when happens some skills dont work while skill engaged
  4. Sell/Buy

    Sell Rogue Krowaz Set +8 Amulet of Dex +3 Elf Belt +3 Dual COC earrings +3 Undef Windforce +8 Cold Hearted Dagger +11 Buy Priest TRIAL SET +11 Pm Price plz Pm here Or Send message to CryMoreNeo
  5. Fire/ice/light armor 75 mage skill

    its not normal from what i know in past usko over many years.. But did notice it started on halloween patch the mobs started settin it off same with adament skill goes off at times... Not sure on others and not used any other weapons skills around mobs
  6. Random disconnections

    Given up on logging in couse D/C over and over 20 + times last 30 min was on
  7. idea is for ppl who want to move chars between different accounts get ya CR char and put on Main account if can delete char when all spots full instead of making new accounts over and over and personaly for me all items on 1 account not 2 accounts unable to share sealed items
  8. even if had a pus item for ones who want to remove a char for good thats not 2 k cr have something 100 kc to perm delete unwanted char and the cr 2 k if want to add a char in its place... Not to many ppl will pay 100 kc to then receive quests again
  9. +++++ Delete make something so can add New char to account weather make or get in a CR but need some way to remove dead unwanted chars
  10. War prem prob good get it in cz so it gets used in cz for pk... If not pking then its worthless go go War prem
  11. Buy

  12. Buy

  13. Apex KO new server release date

    They need to make a descion on weather ppl get to keep there items when merge happens in time if it happens... That way all the ones who stayed with the server surporting and trying to keep it alive know we arnt wasting time playing to end up with nothing... If new server comes and ppl keep playing main server and then it gets merged and loose all items would be unfair... Its not the ppls fault all the others quit and want to return and make all the loyal ones who stuck with it in the hard boring times suffer with loose of there gear worked for over time
  14. A new server!

    Will it be new server then the 2 merge together so we are not wasting our time on here