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  1. KissOfNeo

    LordBaBaYeRo İfşa Movie :) :) :)

    how about make a real video with 0 edit showing you trying to pk macro and 8 to 18 v 1 or u run and town ... 0 Macros 0 back up u run like a little bitch every time and pretend you can pk what a joke
  2. KissOfNeo

    we know same us ko but maybe

    Top minds 😐 i think not.... I found mage to be weak in server but as usko was there were low ac cast fail easy. Sins have to many fails on skills but in usko was alot as well ... Im no one special in game but happy to play any char in game and i do play all better on some that others and i know if i can make Ns on a mage survive get kills anyone can same with Sin warrior priest portu archer . It snot gear items its the player have to be smart and play to what is best for yourself . Skill change can only cause trouble for next ones to want more damage and it never ends....
  3. KissOfNeo

    uppgrade rate????

    im same made like 4 +7 items krowaz things out of about 60 + Im not even game to try rev +2 with tear knowing the burn rate of late
  4. KissOfNeo

    Halloween Event

    If there is one has to be different than last year. Everyone played Rogue for darkness bow and the geared players made lots nps or priest for the mace spam heal on ppl in town and watch them die . That wasn't fun if your 5 to 10 hours out of the time zone events start and cant get the event due to being killed like that.. Events are good something fun for EVERYONE to enjoy a new unique Halloween item rings earrings neck Halloween weapon to have forever and if not get completed maybe have so Next year can be improved .. EG ring neck ear u make +2 but miss out of a +3 wait till next year.. Have items sell able as well so pl will farm and have in bowl so to get something need to take the risk for it. NO more darkness +11 instant for the ones here for the best server times events that everyone can enjoy is best
  5. KissOfNeo

    Divide armour BUG

    devide was fine on me but hearing blink fail lots heals priest seam to fail and cz kill chat screen still fucked
  6. KissOfNeo

    portu ların (party) 75 sikili

    its hard to say we all know i play Portu lots more than my other chars just easier solo on bad ping .. Saying that i see ppl complain about the 2 k damage they cause ive watched the damage on my side and what it shows im doing that is 100% curable is max 600 damage... If im lucky i may get in a 2 k + hit but like everyone and other chars i never spam 2 k +or even 1 k + so the damage isnt that bad when look at warriors spamming 1500 mages faster dot damage at same rates so on. I do tho think the dot damage being stacked is a little to much 500 + by 4 or 7 is just silly and yes mages can do it and they are meant to... They need some work on them but will be a sad thing to see the work ppl put into there char and kc money spent on building be destroyed without a care to the ones who chose to play it.... Everyone in server HAS the choice to play the char they want knowing what every other one can do and deal out so complain from the start makes no scene unless the ppl want to be 100% grantee a win every time.. Ive said and stated before sins warriors mages archers priests have all 1 v 1 me and won as i have beaten them... EG. YouGot i think in many 1 v 1 on cz i have beaten him maybe 2 out of 100 times Fuckyou on warrior owned me 10 times in a row solo Tuke has taken me down fast before in devil Brook on int has killed me easy .. Now they are on MP and STR builds pads range from DS to holy knight The class is easy to kill when do it right so nerfing is just stealing from the ppl who play but bugs and some cracks may need looking into
  7. KissOfNeo

    Well Needed Suggestions

    . good luck on the free items ya want ~~
  8. KissOfNeo

    player defeat player bug

    we think nps are being rewarded correctly if more than 1 party and someone dies no one know who killed him so only one who gets nps knows if they come all the time... Way bug happens u go to cz start pk and just hope it works . Players do nothing to cause it to happen when it starts showin kills then stops over and over its random and seams to be caused by killing someone in cz no matter who u are or who you kill
  9. KissOfNeo

    player defeat player bug

    happens to all chars and sometimes see nothing at all just moradon chat or something 0 kills even if u die or kill someone Reported this happenin in here ages ago and in letter to you almost 1 month ago
  10. KissOfNeo

    Ultima Time Mayhem Crazyness (Drainer Issue)

    +1 when watching some pk movies u see boss sporn and couple big names get in drain run off and wait for repeat. They get the drop no matter what and really did nothing to work or earn it . But being first drain normally = drop and everyone else looses out mostly when boss goes down fast. It should be all 3 bosses as ISI in a legit party or 5 ppl no priest we took it down easy and fast enough should be more ppl needed or at least 1 healer in party