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  1. Not all weapons but things out dated but old loved ones and things that the Free have destroyed marked on like most staffs rappys so on should be looked at
  2. Sell/Buy

    New items
  3. Required Light Rest and INT

    with comments like that cant read as well when go back and see what admin had posted to me shows the biggest retarted idiot comment so far here and on shout box .. Over with it had my say heard from admin happy to read real comments from ppl who have a say and not try to prove they are better with there macro playing for them
  4. Required Light Rest and INT

    So when stunned unable to move how do you kill them
  5. Required Light Rest and INT

    I expect to be stunned at times its part of the game and being on Priest half of it is lived in cube .. Its fine but when a mage hitting for 300 maybe 400 damage can stun u first hit and keep u stunned and take 13 k hp dead 0 heal able due to stunned is not right..... And happening over and over the range of Blade is huge its ment to be a physcial skill but keeps u stunned in adament skill and damage you with blessing skill as well ... There is 0 def against it before patch tryed to show gms in areana but none wanted to log and see so gave up... Have to keep as is now if change then new mages will quit and leave so best have low priests and lots of stuns
  6. Required Light Rest and INT

    Problem now is if they reduce what new mages have returned will leave Damage is done
  7. Required Light Rest and INT

    Go sit middle cz with the full macro and see how u go be sure to get some top gear
  8. Required Light Rest and INT

    I wanna know why light rest even shows on a char of have items there with light rest on it when it apparently does nothing Persoanly i was looking and spending gbs kc on items with the rest because i thought it ment something in game not totaly nothing usless
  9. Required Light Rest and INT

    not at moment but ive tryed kurian priest warrior all have had 99% stun priest mages blading so fast that cant get a heal off as soon as stun over have like 1 maybe 2 seconds to heal before stun happens till death. No macro spamming for me so light mage = instant death . Gms can check logs and if look at damage ones im reciving 20 hits from 1 mage in 3 to 4 seconds stunning full time and deal same with some warriors light shock stunned and so many hits dead before stun is off thats over 13 k damage is 3 maybe 4 seconds Apprantly its correct and warriors mages say they are nerfed to much... most mages stunning are in full starter items and 0 items there for a priest to help stop it as as pointed out is nothing to make stun rate lower
  10. Required Light Rest and INT

    in that case delete the light belt drops and whats the point should advertise so everyone knows light mages own game now and is nothing to stop the stun rate no matter how much light rest u have
  11. Required Light Rest and INT

    Can someone tell us how much Light rest and int on a char is required to stop 100% stun rate from starter gear .. Ive tryed full +3 items including light belt earrings glass belts 255 int and cant stop being stunned from even 18 skill let alone the blade attack and cant town or tp stunned or due to undef curse So what is the requirment to stop being stunned 100% of the time from the starter items
  12. Sell/Buy

  13. Daily 1h premium

    ppl only want the dc for free items im happy with the war u gain it from cz should be a cz used item like war prem +1 for me
  14. Anything going to be done for priest?

    I like the comment priest using daul +11 but not everyone in server can afford to BUY +11 everthing have to farm and save.. With the prices for items 10 k 20 k 30 k for items in this server gettin fully geared isnt that easy..
  15. Why limits?

    Selling items even back in old usko days was caped at 999 999 999 if tried selling for 10 gb selling merchant only lets it sell for 100 mill so have to be sure to only do 999 999 999 m.. does seam silly and never understood why cant merchant an item for 10 gb or higher