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  1. Alsahim

    Scammer alert (Goku)

    ban that fkin retard goku, no need for people like him here hope he get his item back by gm.
  2. but u tormented them while none of ur players were there ? op strats
  3. Alsahim

    Felankor and Isilion :D

    +1 for isi and felankor in bowl
  4. Alsahim

    HeU firs Dagger of name +8

  5. Alsahim

    BUS Farming bug

    so, when farming bloodseeker/beast its the one that gets the last hit that gets the mob even tho u did over 50% of the damage
  6. 1. i heard they could be used with genie, if so that is indeed a bug and shouldnt be happening, however it would be awesome if you would make them drop again. im sure people would vote for that any day 2. great to hear i thought we couldnt get it without fishing and mining it or grind atross riote all day for it, 3.
  7. hi everybody, here are some of my thoughts of what could improve the server 1. add magic hammer drops to a monster, if theres a war, or ur exping or pking and u wanna repair ur stuff u should be able to, its just annoying to have to town sometimes when the slot is far away. 2. let those materials that we get from mining and fishing be dropped by mobs somewhere, ronark land would be the best. and doesnt need to be easy but i think its better like that, we dont wanna be fishing ko v2 and we dont wanna farm riote and atross for them coz its too slow.. people want to be able to get it without having to fish and mine for it, 3. to be written
  8. Alsahim

    Alsahim looking for a crew

    noob who else is going orc side?? any of the old crew? idk yet
  9. hi everybody, im looking for a clan or a little group to join for official... im playing assassin and activity wont be a problem. LMK :-D
  10. Nothing will happen guys..gm dont care about lurers
  11. Alsahim

    First iron bow +9!

    how much usd did u sell that for xD?
  12. Alsahim

    stacking items

    make it so you can have over 200 high upgrade scs in ur innhostess, same with abyss gems, crudes, crystals and opals. I think middle class scs aswell.
  13. Alsahim

    HaHaCantPwnMe luring to emc fishing spot

    indeed... its not even a problem tbh.. who cares.. but every1 is sick and tired of lurers.. needs to be instaban for any1 retarded enough to lure.. we wouldnt want the server full of human waste would we?
  14. Alsahim

    HaHaCantPwnMe luring to emc fishing spot

    Rofl.. keep crying little kiddo u just open pus then u can put on ur uniques, its not our fault their server dont work 100%,, but luring should be banned, cya noob