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  1. I didn't miss it just that im not 100% sure (I haven't tested) if that increase effects only base def or total def. I just put raw numbers out but you are right, any %-increase in any stat will increase to gap with higher stat base versus lower stat.
  2. 12+4+4+20+28= 68 (warrior) and another 60 more def from 100ac achievements compared to 40ac ach and some more over all stats (hp/ac/ap) from +3 stuff. 10 stat points from 5 bonus levels. sum up: 68+60+(accessory extra ac) and accessory extra ap and extra hp/res and 10 more stat points to spend. and most importantly veteran party/clan behind you everytime you go cz vs you solo/random party if lucky. That's what beginners face right when they start the server. Sry off-topic, just correcting false assumptions.
  3. This is very viable guide, all with others guides recently posted by you, if it is year < ~2010
  4. OMGMiguannnnnnnnn test ws

    didn't get purpose of this topic/10
  5. APEXKO Whistle 6ws8

    Let my face the last thing you see/10 and Death dispelled like a vapor/10
  6. Has OP some sort of psychosis going on or what's with these retarded topics
  7. Balance

    Balance is made by players, not server. Currrently there isn't enought players to keep it balanced for most of day.
  8. Maybe I should not be telling you this but I'm from third movie, I'm evolved.
  9. Glad that helped, that's what it is for.
  10. Little guide I put together because I wanted to. Link to excel-file ApexGuide.xlsx I will keep editing/updating Excel-file as I learn new things and fix false info/add more info. Pictures will not be updated very often.
  11. Post a picture of yourself

    me playing warrior