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  1. Marvellous taiwan range

  2. Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT

  3. Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT

    ben ne ağlayacam davar tanımam etmem. sen önce git konuşmayı öğren amına koyduğumun kürdü, baliyi tineri de azalt. yoksa o klavyeyi götüne sokarlar bir gün.
  4. Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT

    aptalca bir konu.
  5. istediğin haltı yiyebilirsin bir yaptırımı yok moruk. birşey derlerse lag dersin, olmadı fag dersin. buraya bağlandı
  6. the suspect has came here. welcome and bye bye.
  7. this issue has nothing to do with lag. also, no HP/MP POTION cooldown for them. there is a problem that the staff board do not want to deal with. nice. keep it up!
  8. i prefer for the clan members to be calm and mature. pm : seinfeld
  9. NP Transfering

    resolution is not bad. i dont think there is a picture contest. i can send original picture if gm s want it. and i have more pictures about np transfering. i m waiting sanctions or evaluations for upload them.

    he is afk every bdw. his main character is ORC. he ruins bdw by human character. http://imgur.com/a/dhjET
  11. NP Transfering

    somebodies does it every morning. if necessary sanctions are applied, i will report other cheaters. http://imgur.com/a/yblBB
  12. draki's pendant problem

    thank you dude. it worked. absolutly you are a genius
  13. draki's pendant problem

    hi. i bought draki's pendant of strength S.A.S from "Joyla" this morning. (EU time zone A.M 6-7 or 8). i bought it by my other account ( i m using for store and merchant ) [character name "MrAltincihiS"] i would send it to my main character (SeiNFeLD) by letter. but i couldn't. i see this warning : "you cannot send this item". i tried put it merchant. but i see this warning "you cannot trade this item" it seems normal. but i didnt equip draki's pendant to this character (MrAltincihiS) (and it is a rogue). only i bought, i would send to my main character, i couldnt. i dont understand this situation. i would use it by SeiNFeLD. but it s not working right now. what can i do? help.
  14. level rebirth / reincarnation problem

    thank you dude
  15. level rebirth / reincarnation problem

    i didnt understand