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  1. Seals and Unsealed Items

    Put the iron neck in your innhostess and relog and it will be fixed
  2. You said so many stupid things I don't even know where to start, but let's see: I'm playing as mp Kurian with gg gears and cospre so I'll try to explain to you why are you wrong. 1: Kurian can 1v2/3 warriors. The only one that can happen that I can kill one warrior and then town (If the warriors are not in too good gears) I doubt that I could kill a warrior in 2v1 if they are almost fully geared + cospre so pls stop with this 1v2/3... 2: Warriors can't burst like sins with torment. Yeah true they just spamming 1500-2000 or more with torment... that's not a burst 3: Warriors only have descent to escape. Yeah but it has only few second cd + warriors have the most hp, def, attack, + they can use shield when they are in trouble. 4: Dot kurian party. That's just shit if they are against a party that has priest (and the priest can use his brain to use hp cure). For example 6 mp kurian and 2 priest vs 6 warrior and 2 priest would end in like 1 min as the warriors victory. 5: Kurians can't stack the dot from devils skill only the ones in attack. (Which makes them much weaker). So in overall Kurians are good for playing solo, but once the transformation is off or they are against a priest or archer that has hp cure they are fucked. And in big party they are useless compared to warriors. So pls don't say that mp kurian is op and warriors are not
  3. Exp Seal icon

    If you click on the Exp Seal icon ingame, the game insta quit.
  4. Chaos event reward

    First place. 4x krowaz chest Second place: 3x krowaz chest That's why I got the worse even though I was first
  5. Chaos event reward

    When it's a draw at the end of chaos most of the time I get the worse reward even though I had less death. It's not happening too often but when it does it's a bit irritating, so if you could fix it it would be good
  6. Don't need new server, it's great as it is now there is just one problem: Warriors are OP as fuck. They should be nerfed and then maybe mages would come back to the server... (But people think it's ok that 2 warriors can aoe a mage party with torment...)
  7. Chaos event register didn't show up

    It was the first time that it didn't show, I don't know if it's just for me or anyone else experienced this too, but check it pls.
  8. about number 2: That would just split people so 20-20 people at cz and 20-20 at war, it would ruin wars more. Besides it's only 6 hours max for a week when cz is closed if I'm right. 4 hours war ( almost end faster than 1 hour the war so it's less than 4 hours ) and 2 hours boss war. You can bear it for a week I think. about number 3: Nation Transfer's purpose is to avoid unbalance in cz by the players so GMs don't need to take PMs like this: "Nt us bro" etc. the rest is ok.