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  1. Exp Seal icon

    If you click on the Exp Seal icon ingame, the game insta quit.
  2. Chaos event reward

    First place. 4x krowaz chest Second place: 3x krowaz chest That's why I got the worse even though I was first
  3. Chaos event reward

    When it's a draw at the end of chaos most of the time I get the worse reward even though I had less death. It's not happening too often but when it does it's a bit irritating, so if you could fix it it would be good
  4. Don't need new server, it's great as it is now there is just one problem: Warriors are OP as fuck. They should be nerfed and then maybe mages would come back to the server... (But people think it's ok that 2 warriors can aoe a mage party with torment...)
  5. Chaos event register didn't show up

    It was the first time that it didn't show, I don't know if it's just for me or anyone else experienced this too, but check it pls.
  6. about number 2: That would just split people so 20-20 people at cz and 20-20 at war, it would ruin wars more. Besides it's only 6 hours max for a week when cz is closed if I'm right. 4 hours war ( almost end faster than 1 hour the war so it's less than 4 hours ) and 2 hours boss war. You can bear it for a week I think. about number 3: Nation Transfer's purpose is to avoid unbalance in cz by the players so GMs don't need to take PMs like this: "Nt us bro" etc. the rest is ok.