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  1. you should also add in the title "with ridiculous usd price" ty
  2. fuck you poor retards just spend 100 bucks and you good to go ehh , stop braging about a new server every now and then dont you fucking get it you mother fucking gay oldies and why did you sell out at the first place when you wanted to come back , check out panel and you will see some players did not login for like what 2 months and still got +11 chaos weapons and shit so bb fuckers and yes i hate you more cause turks ty
  3. beast saying serious pk xD bump anyways
  4. that is not tbl chinese

    you are not getting dual rof+3 at any cost ty

    lol this topic is a waste of time fuck you
  7. first time onetruepussy making sense
  8. did you get any success producing that baby you were trying so hard for ? full sex jamadar
  9. Buying WoE +11 and LE +11

  10. URGENT.

    yeah it is
  11. We would not have taken so long for em NPs if i were there as sin. Back from my holidays , lets full power fuck Z9K2
  12. elf belt = 3k kc if bought from the chinese and rest is selling in 4k
  13. aight i saw a comment by black and it instantly struck me .. meret can be one of the nicest gms around no doubt about omega or others but meret is polite , friendly and everyone loves him and if you dont please leave server and meret please apply amk i support MERET as a GM for a better inn game support , thanks
  14. Buying: Raums

    full jamadar