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    Alpha Goodbye

    It has been an amazing journey for me and it's hard to say goodbye but the time came where i had to decide what's more important for me. We've made it through more than one year and i'm very proud we managed this long together. Plenty of users changed during the year for the better and i'm proud plenty of you managed to put anger aside and help us when we struggled the most. I hope you realize a lot of effort has been put into the server from Twostars, Aesteris, me and the complete GM team. I'm aware our decisions weren't always perfect but we always wanted the best possible for the server, we (and I) truly cared. I'm confident Apex KO has plenty more to give even if i'm not here and if you're going to support them i'm more than sure they'll deliver. Goodbye my little Apexians. Feels right to have this here.
  2. Alpha

    It's time to say goodbye for me too!

    Goodbye and thank you for everything!
  3. They as a team can be better, lets give them a chance. Good luck to booth, i'm sure you'll do great!
  4. Alpha

    Alpha Goodbye

    Thanks for all the positive wishes, i'll stop by every now and than, right now i've got plenty of other projects to take care of. Keep having fun here and in life, wish you all the best! @MrsD Always.
  5. Alpha


    We've been banning their main characters when it was possible, however they're mostly using VPN now so we can't do much there. :/
  6. Alpha

    Belt overflow

    Thanks for the report, it's being checked and will be modified if needed.
  7. Alpha

    Happy New Year!

    Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year my little Apexians.
  8. Alpha

    Better for ApexKO

    Great that you took your time, we'll see what we can do regarding these changes. #7 You can already hide your wings if you open up our option.exe you can tick / untick Wings.
  9. Alpha

    attacking a mob from way far away....

    I'll keep an eye open and check thanks for posting.
  10. Alpha

    Server'a yönelik tehdit

    Thanks for letting us know!
  11. Alpha

    Royal emblemat

    Will talk with Aesteris if there's something nice we can do for that.
  12. Thank you for taking your time to create a huge list, Aesteris is going to process it.
  13. Dear knights, The holidays are right around the corner and we hope you're going to enjoy them together with your family and friends! We're going to make sure to offer you the entertainment you deserve during the holidays, right here at Apex KO. Together we've reached a huge milestone; We're online for 1 year! To celebrate this special occasion we're going to prepare certain events & item giveaways. Item giveaway (log in between 12/23/2016 and 12/26/2016 23:59:59PM EU): Cospre armor (7 days) Wings Of Hellfire (7 days) Pathos Gloves (7 days) War Premium (7 days) Events: Kill the GM event Find the GM event Monster invasion (Snowman - Christmas Tree) From 25.12 - 31.12 you will obtain 10% extra Apex Points if you purchase one of our packages. On top of that, there'll be sales on selected items in the Power-Up Store
  14. Alpha

    Wall hack or bug abuser or w/e

    Will warn them when i get the chance.
  15. Alpha

    Delete Character

    Character deleting is completely disabled on the new version so sadly that's not possible. The only options you have is to class change it or to Cypher ring it away.
  16. Alpha

    Christmas & 1 year anniversary!

    They don't, but they give good drops.
  17. Alpha

    Christmas & 1 year anniversary!

    Sevgili Şövalyeler, Tatil yaklaşti, aile ve arkadaşlarinizla bu güzel tatil günlerinin tadini çikaracaginizi umuyoruz. Bu tatil sürecinde size hak ettiginiz en iyi eglenceyi sunacagimizdan emin olabilirsiniz. Birlikte geçirdigimiz başarili dönemler ile; 1 Senedir Online'iz ! Bu özel günü kutlamak için sizlere bazi Etkinlikler ve Esyalar Hediye edicegiz. Arasında Giriş 12/23/2016 and 12/26/2016 23:59:59PM EU Cospre armor (7 days) Wings Of Hellfire (7 days) Pathos Gloves (7 days) War Premium (7 days) Etkinlikler: Kill the GM event Find the GM event Monster invasion (Snowman - Christmas Tree) 25.12 ile 31.12 tarihi arasinda Pustan Satin Aldiginiz Paketlerden %10 Extra Apex Points elde edebilirsiniz. Bu etkinlikten haeici , Power-Up store'de bulunan itemlerde çesitli indirimlerimiz mevcut olucaktir.
  18. Alpha

    About War Premium

    That's only because of the NP bonus. (Which doesn't apply to War premium additional NPs)
  19. Alpha

    About War Premium

    You will be able to merchant tomorrow at 17:12. ;p When you get the gifts you need to wait until the expiration date is over and you can merchant those than.
  20. Alpha

    Battle Priests

    The STR calculation is different than on older servers including the unique and weapon gap is smaller than it could be on fresh servers. I'm not trying to force in INT BP to you, but it would be good if you tryed it out because you would see it's actually good (better) .
  21. Alpha

    About War Premium

    The gifts will be tradable after expiration is over, they will not be removed if that's what you're asking.
  22. Alpha

    Battle Priests

    We can add those but paper BP isn't viable on the newer versions as you would quickly find out. You'll have to go for INT BP i can link you up with a topic on how to build one if you wish to play BP. The oldschool BP is gone (sadly).
  23. Alpha

    About War Premium

    +5NPs , Golden Rod , Trina and you can use War flashes. Best option is to purchase Switch premium than you can use DC,EXP and War premium. (All of those in 1 month, you simple have to choose) You can also change them on the daily base.
  24. Alpha

    Toplantı Yapılmalı (Türk Admin)

    I'll contact you on Facebook as soon as our turkish GM is available.