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    We've been banning their main characters when it was possible, however they're mostly using VPN now so we can't do much there. :/
  2. Alpha

    Belt overflow

    Thanks for the report, it's being checked and will be modified if needed.
  3. Alpha

    Better for ApexKO

    Great that you took your time, we'll see what we can do regarding these changes. #7 You can already hide your wings if you open up our option.exe you can tick / untick Wings.
  4. Alpha

    attacking a mob from way far away....

    I'll keep an eye open and check thanks for posting.
  5. Alpha

    Server'a yönelik tehdit

    Thanks for letting us know!
  6. Alpha

    Royal emblemat

    Will talk with Aesteris if there's something nice we can do for that.
  7. Thank you for taking your time to create a huge list, Aesteris is going to process it.
  8. Alpha

    Wall hack or bug abuser or w/e

    Will warn them when i get the chance.
  9. Alpha

    Delete Character

    Character deleting is completely disabled on the new version so sadly that's not possible. The only options you have is to class change it or to Cypher ring it away.
  10. Alpha

    About War Premium

    That's only because of the NP bonus. (Which doesn't apply to War premium additional NPs)
  11. Alpha

    About War Premium

    You will be able to merchant tomorrow at 17:12. ;p When you get the gifts you need to wait until the expiration date is over and you can merchant those than.
  12. Alpha

    Battle Priests

    The STR calculation is different than on older servers including the unique and weapon gap is smaller than it could be on fresh servers. I'm not trying to force in INT BP to you, but it would be good if you tryed it out because you would see it's actually good (better) .
  13. Alpha

    About War Premium

    The gifts will be tradable after expiration is over, they will not be removed if that's what you're asking.
  14. Alpha

    Battle Priests

    We can add those but paper BP isn't viable on the newer versions as you would quickly find out. You'll have to go for INT BP i can link you up with a topic on how to build one if you wish to play BP. The oldschool BP is gone (sadly).
  15. Alpha

    About War Premium

    +5NPs , Golden Rod , Trina and you can use War flashes. Best option is to purchase Switch premium than you can use DC,EXP and War premium. (All of those in 1 month, you simple have to choose) You can also change them on the daily base.
  16. Alpha

    Toplantı Yapılmalı (Türk Admin)

    I'll contact you on Facebook as soon as our turkish GM is available.
  17. Alpha

    About Csw time.

    The time it used to be seems good to me 20:00 EU time. It would be worth trying it out.
  18. Alpha

    About Csw time.

    Would be good for you guys to suggest what times it should move to?
  19. Alpha

    ForYou aka Manu

    All of his accounts have been banned, if we find him again he'll be banned again, thanks for the help especially of users who took the time and PMed me and explained certain things.
  20. Alpha

    ForYou aka Manu

    I'm checking into this today and it will be resolved until the end of the day.
  21. Alpha

    suggestion for more farm

    There's people who think there is already to much farm on the server and than there we have people who think there should be more. I'm just looking if someone is going to come up with something good, something useful which could benefit booth sides.
  22. Alpha

    BF part2

    Checking into it, thanks for helping us out on this.
  23. I have locked the topic we're going to check the evidence that we obtained. Information will be given during the weekend.
  24. Ofcourse but as i said we need valid proof in order to take action.
  25. Alpha

    About the recent ban and some more

    He used it excessively. One more interesting thing i should let the people that are protecting him know is that, i've had a talk with him after the ban, he had the chance to let me know his part of the story yet once i've told what happened to Aesteris, i quickly got to know that he lied to me. I hope you understand we don't ban people for nothing, there is no reason to take players out of the game if they're good with us. (ScreameR will also be unbanned, but since his account was connected in all of this we had to take that one out also)