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  1. Using Macro's

    If the detection were there and working for 100% of the macros you wouldn't need to ban for it, you could simply just disable it, ezpz. But then again, the problem is not if it's nice to allow it or unfair to forbid it, it's about how it can be done lol.
  2. Using Macro's

    Also remove dumb people while we're at it.
  3. Using Macro's

    Lol ban macros... I doubt USKO is banning/punishing even a fraction of everyone using some kind of automation. Maybe a strong word list of known programs or something. And even if they're detecting the method itself they can only ban the users using software for it, and not hardware. Is that even fair? Anyway if you know how to detect both hardware and software macros in a good and fair way i'm pretty sure they would implement a prevention for it. But it would have to be against all kinds of macros i suppose. Kinda lame to detect 5% of macro-users and ban them, but the rest walks free because it can't be proven. h.g 2017 magro>all
  4. Hi Brook

    İsveç > All.
  5. FT AFK issue

    Just kick players standing on the same coordinates for x ammount of waves.
  6. 1 VS 1 event (Every Month)

    Bıra tekbır adamant füll teşekkürler canım ölürüm arkadaşlarım ve senın benın translate banslate hurr durr haydı anadolu.
  7. 1 VS 1 event (Every Month)

    Maybe google translate vs yandex translate?
  8. ........................

    Almost forgot... Best Finlando - Warru
  9. ........................

    Spelling correction; youGOTassedBYmyPWN
  10. ........................

    Lol MDMA triggered instant.
  11. ........................

    TBL - MDMA Liar - MDMA English - MDMA Lider - Recep/Muro başkan Make love - Me Edit: Jealus - aRmal
  12. gel w.c maradan arenlar 500000000000000k k.ç lan sorrı göögleTRanslat no anglıp
  13. Entertainment have g4life

    A year off from making videos about Manhattan & NicoNicoNico?
  14. Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    ingame pm ItzMADAM
  15. Buy & Sell List (17/03/2018)

    Aztec gold faun+5 reverse offer?
  16. B>Rogue Krowaz Pauldron +8 or better

    Aztec gold faun +8 offer?

    You saying me you had itmes ve kc for 300.000-400.000kc? btw wery rough estimation 3000-4000$ for sold gear, if i did it i would know exactly on the yenı türkçe lıra how much i sold for iyi geceler maldeşım
  18. Maestro pots

    LOLOLOL bought my packs about a year ago and they expired now, be happy with what you got for free instead of complaining :S Or ask chinese/MDMA to share TBLs im sure they have free pot tbl.............
  19. I remember this guy reported me for exactly the same thing... Can't be lag right, gotta be fll h4x knk... >.<
  20. Dj old pics

    Ve HenkraL aby np never forget ur ass to fear haydi anadolu güle güle.
  21. My suggestion is add a commans that randomly generates a number between 1 and 100, just like in World of warcraft
  22. "I quit this game, only google-translating for a friend." Both of us quit, right? Can't vs then
  23. I only cheat to beat you and LauraWells, Arabia too damn good for some good old Viking battles :S
  24. He is swearing at God ..

    I wonder how you can have a joint as avatar and "Location Between your legs" but not tolerate swearings... I thought all drugs was prohibited and "Between your legs" would be VERY inappropriate to express anywhere else then in the bedroom with your wife. But thats just how i understand this religion.