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  1. User reports that no matter how filled it is, it goes back to 0. It's only visual though, if you die again you'll have it back wherever it was left at (plus one more death added).
  2. Should be randomized.
  3. This is a chain quest. Chain quests are purposefully disabled. Maybe it should be hidden to avoid confusion?
  4. Lapislazuli

    /Achieve turned into /vault

    /Achieve no longer works, you have to use /vault now or access it from H menu.
  5. Currently AFAIK the min amount of players to get in an instance is 6v6. Which means that every bdw, a lot of people are staying out! This is severely affecting the morale of the server. Should allow for any instance to happen, that way if there are 12 orcs and 12 humans, at least those 4 orcs and 4 humans can get in a 4v4 bdw as opposed to all of them staying out.
  6. I believe it shouldn't be like this in USKO.
  7. Lapislazuli


    You should, if anything, feel glad that you ruined someone's mood to the point of making that person write hate mail Just laugh it off, everyone can say whatever they please on the internet. If the abuse keeps going for a very prolonged amount of time though, let me know. Letters can't be blocked so maybe further action will be needed after all.
  8. Lapislazuli

    High level bdw scroll doesn't work.

    User reports that it can't be used on a level 80, fails. No other scrolls were equipped at the time.
  9. Lapislazuli

    High level bdw scroll doesn't work.

    Still doesn't work, I think it doesn't work for level 78 and above but could be wrong.
  10. Lapislazuli

    Scrolls keep ticking while Chaos is going

    This is old though, it used to be tied to a bug that made that very set of scrolls last forever (flashing and never expiring until a relog). I wonder about this behavior right now...
  11. Lapislazuli

    Stun Lightning at chaos.

    Some users report that they are still unable to use this skill. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it happens.
  12. Lapislazuli

    Juraid is not counting kills.

    Score won't move. 0:0 at all times no matter how many times parties kill each other. This is problematic because Juraid will always end in a draw unless Deva is killed.
  13. Lapislazuli

    Juraid is not counting kills.

    I didn't bring that up myself, kinda just mindlessly copy pasted what some other user said so I guess its pointless (will remove). As for the topic itself, I remember this definitely worked in USKO. Back when Juraid was bugged (no monsters) the victor would be decided by whoever got the first kill (1:0 in the score), shortly after the kill, the nation that was ahead would all town or escape and camp in the safe zone until it ended. If the killscore didn't count, this wouldn't have been possible.
  14. Lapislazuli

    Fate killing npc's during war invasion

    Already opened a bug report and will forward this to Aesteris. I think (again) a NP reduction would be fine, but at least he seems apologetic unlike Google and co. in the other topic. Gotta investigate if this is actually the first time however. If anyone got evidence that proves this isn't indeed the first time, feel free to post it.
  15. User reports that shouldn't happen. I suppose people are doing it by logging out before they get deported to their main zones then logging back in. Should be easy to fix.
  16. Lapislazuli

    Status debuff colors are sort of wrong

    Stuns are purple, not green Hobgoblins DoT is orange, not purple
  17. Lapislazuli

    Merchant bug

    But doesn't this get fixed when you re-open your merchant..?
  18. Lapislazuli

    How to be a dragon!

    As a community liaison I will always try to side with the players but you lost me there. Good luck
  19. Lapislazuli

    Status debuff colors are sort of wrong

    Some DoT's do:Troll shaman's dot Harpy's dot While manticore's is purple all the time And Hobgoblin's is orange all the time
  20. Lapislazuli

    How to be a dragon!

    Just because something is bugged it doesn't mean you should go on and abuse it. Nobody made you OR forced you to abuse those exploits. It's really stupid to blame bugs for your own actions. This particular statement grinds my gears. You honestly don't know why people are complaining? Even now you don't find anything wrong with the things you and the others did? Unfortunately, the admins of this server cannot fix your behavior... Oh wait they can, and that's where the bans / NP reductions come into play. Anyway, I'm personally against bans, but not against NP reductions. Let's see what the admins have to say about this.
  21. Lapislazuli

    Guards @ oreads map

    They're extremely deadly. Hitting 550-1000 on players with 1k AC and upwards. Normal guards by the way, not even keepers.
  22. Each time you unlock a new room, your towning location is updated, but it's not like this in USKO. Your /town location will always send you back to the starting zone. Think of it as being those pillars where you choose your respawn point and mages can use gate / escape into those, that's what the new room respawn point is, while towning should always send you to the first room. This is important because if people can just get one kill and then /town without issue then be back into Deva's room almost instantly, in the event that said party has no mage, it would make it so the other nation has no chance of trying to kill Deva Bird before their enemies are back, essentially settling the outcome of the event as soon as they get an edge on kills. In short, the new room unlocks should only be respawn points, not towning locations.
  23. Lapislazuli

    Status debuff colors are sort of wrong

    For those kinda poisons the HP bar switches between orange and purple constantly. Is it possible for HP bars to switch back and forth between colors in this version? Like if you are slowed, DoT'd and maliced it should be 3 different colors. The switch takes about 2 seconds. Don't know the order (green -> purple or etc)