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  1. Blinking after TPing / respawning.

    I think it happens when you reconnect in a hostile place, as opposed to just switching zones or respawning from death. Try dcing at say, Satiros in Eslant and then log back in, you'll be blinking but everyone will be attacking you (while you can't use pots or skills).
  2. Chaos is dividing people in equal instances

    Last I checked this was still happening, though the 8 man instance sometimes occurs. Like if there are 20 people signed up for chaos, instead of 8-6-6 it should be 12-8, maybe. Personally I think 18 is too much (but that's the standard in USKO).
  3. NPC's in invasion are supposed to have a 30 min respawn timer

    It still happens at home nations, though I suppose its better this way since the defending nations in Apex usually stop fighting after the first 15 minutes of invasion, which would then mean that whoever is invading gets to farm massive amounts of NP off npc's.
  4. Most recent text letter will show up bugged in the archive.

    Haven't seen it recently, and the puush pic died so I guess its done.
  5. Transformation scrolls #2 and #3

    -Transformation scrolls should work with any buff, but not with scrolls under any circumstance. -Transformation scroll currently won't let you cast any buff or scroll on yourself if you already have the transform on (you should still be able to buff, swift or get enchants for yourself even with the TS on). The way to evade this is to first give yourself the buffs / scrolls and then cast the TS which then will work, except it should still fail if you try to use TS together with scrolls. Basically a what-is-casted-first issue on the 3rd one. PS: Unsure if Transformation totem allows you to cast scrolls + transform, it used to be like that in USKO.

    Interesting, those scrolls are supposed to disappear on death, I never noticed this. It's not the first time users cleverly hide blatant bugs from the public eye to get an edge (looking at the guy who got +1 jewels from DF and never said anything).
  7. Monuments and point system @ boat map

    I'm not sure anymore of how the score system works, one time a nation won despite having less kills so it definitely does something. The notice needs to be updated to resemble the usko one at least. #### NOTICE: Karus: X points, El Morad: Y points. Number of dead Karus users: X, Number of dead El Morad users: Y #### (unsure if it'll fit). At the very least, the things that definitely need fixing are: -Notices -Monuments being useful from minute one, and perhaps giving a little NP (25 or so, split in party) -War ending if one nation holds all monuments for 10-30 seconds (and then giving like 200 NP when your nation is declared victor in this circumstance)
  8. Pro player?( nice program bro )

    Seeing other people cluelessly bring up "logic" triggers me. Closing following ApexKO general guidelines.
  9. Had scrolls on at 10 minutes left, entered chaos, came out with 30 mins on all my scrolls.
  10. FT stopped at wave 50/56

    User reports that FT simply froze at some point and no more waves started, the arena was clear at this time but still, nothing spawned anymore. FT ended shortly after (3-4 more minutes), reporting it as a 'loss' and teleporting everyone outside.
  11. Noob.

    I'm sure they delivered, too bad I cannot really understand
  12. Reduce number of wars?

    4 wars a week is too much?
  13. Heard of several people reporting it now.
  14. User reports people can attack it from maximum dagger / spear range and not be hit at all.
  15. Polemic Video Time

    Well, it's obvious that asking for 'advice' served just as a poor excuse to openly harass a number of players in a passive-aggressive way, followed by some users falling for it in a childish manner. Closing according to the general guidelines of ApexKO.
  16. Cat's eye and Lupine eyes are the rogue Search skills that allow you to see invisible targets, first one is just for you and the latter allows the entire party to see them. Now with that out of the way... If I have say, cat's eyes when I die, I'll try to recast it after I respawn but I won't be able to because supposedly it's still up in the background. The catch is that it's not really up (you can't see invisible targets) AND you can't cast it either for who knows how long (obviously less than 50 seconds since that's the max duration but since you can't see the buff icon you gotta spam the cast until it finally goes through due to the previous cat's eye "expiring") TL;DR Cat's eye / lupine eye buff should be completely removed on death, so that it can be recasted again. For party members and lupine eyes idk if it's the same.
  17. Holy Water of Temple

    Lesser Orc monsters are dropping it even though they shouldn't. (the ones near Orc Bandit Officers at CZ) Orc Bandit Leader doesn't drop it even though it should. In fact, Orc Bandit Leader doesn't drop a damn thing, not even materials for the new items. Help
  18. Noob.

    This gon' get good.
  19. Noob.

    http://forum.apexko.com/topic/836-apexkos-general-rules-guidelines/ Yes.
  20. Deruvish Founder drops +1 uniques

    So it was true... I've seen very very few unique drops from DF, but they always said +1. I thought it was a visual bug and clearly remember lettering Maltuz (got a Diamond Ring from DF) months ago asking him if it was actually +1, a letter to which he did not respond. Fast forward to yesterday, I saw his priest acc selling the ring in question... that's how I connected the dots.
  21. Crafting failure delivers no message

    This can be deceiving in both Old unique and Heppa / Super shell crafting, people wonder where did their materials randomly disappear off to...
  22. 1. Bone Dragon should DoT curse the entire party (explosion effect on the player looks like an acid potion, stacks 300 damage per second each time) if they're attacked from far, not the snaring high damage single target spell they currently have for a range attack. 2. Lirimu doesn't visually show its aoes (looks like mage's inferno) and the DoT is purple in the hp bar, not orange as it should be (this causes the purple effect to never disappear even if its cured with the right spell) http://forum.apexko.com/tracker/issue-459-status-debuff-colors-are-sort-of-wrong/ 3. Minotaur should single target DoT (minimal) when attacked from range (looks like an acid potion both on splash and as a projectile) 4. Minotaur could use a 50% attack damage boost. 5. Leech King, Lirimu could use a 15% attack damage 6. Red Dragon Hatchling could use a 50% attack damage boost 7. Leech Kings are not using their mana drain (3k) when attacked from far. 8. It's hard to pull monsters from the platforms, they often ignore the attacks. 9. Nobody likes Doom Soldiers, but they appear way too sporadically. The rate should be 50% Doom, 30% TW, 20% Apos. For reference, the monsters' range attack (if applicable) is used whenever they cannot reach people with their melee attacks. The maximum range of these ranged attacks is slightly shorter than a mage' level 39 spell. Sorry for the list
  23. Using Blinding Strafe as an opener

    User reports using Blinding Strafe (archery) as an opener is impossible, you must've necessarily used other arrow spell before you can use this. If you try to use this as the first arrow you fire in a while, it will instantly give you a casting failed.
  24. User information window interface

    If you right click on someone's user information (view info), you'll see a Confirm button in the window that pops up. That confirm button doesn't exist. If you click it, your character will move in that direction, as if you clicked the ground. Kinda annoying.