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  1. Alseids Prairie (classic map)

    Gates to all keepers and main opposite nation (Karus in this case) are closed after the invasion starts for some reason. Unsure if someone triggered them or if they just respawn like this by default. Being locked out of warders post invasion isn't so bad, but being locked out from the invasion itself? Arrows do absolutely no damage to the main fortress gate (from any angle). This needs to change. All gates should auto-die after a invasion starts or at least prevent them from closing.
  2. How exactly does it get harder? As the demand for those items decreases, they inevitably get cheaper over time.
  3. Heu high damage on server

    It's over nine thousand!
  4. Leech king at juraid, no aoe mana drain

    Just copy paste how OBL works atm and it'd be fine... jk.
  5. I'm the legend! Title achived

    It's actually only 30k monsters required according to the /achieve panel but gratz regardless
  6. [Rogue] Curing a slow bug

    When you cure a slow and try to cast light feet right after, even if its not on cooldown, it will still fail (Light feet failed) as if you were still slowed. This lasts at least 3 more seconds.
  7. Nereids Island war suddenly ended.

    About 3 minutes after Monuments became unlocked, humans managed to captured 6 (not all 7)... then it ended, declaring humans as victors. Arrangement of monuments captured looked like a C, can add ss later.
  8. Potion NPC - invading at lunar valley

    When invading as human, you got some npcs at karus' lunar valley to help you. Potion npc is broken though, you can interact with it, but it won't let you buy pots. Nothing happens.
  9. Every arrow misses from shower and multiple.
  10. Minotaur (Juraid) odd hitbox (General archer tree issues)

    Not fixed, and it turns out that this happens to several other monsters (if they are tall). This, along several other archery issues (in pvp- ranged arrows consuming mp and doing no damage, even though they were thrown perfectly timed), have only appeared in this server and didn't happen in the past (beta). Sometimes, arrow shower does 0 damage against monsters. (unconfirmed if it happens in pk too). The shower / multiple bug happens when you try to attack them from inside their hitbox, if you step almost at the edge of the green circle (the circle that highlights a monster you want to attack), all arrows will work most of the time. But this didn't use to happen before, anyway.
  11. Withdrawing from clan notice

    Bugged. Some weird symbol showed up instead.
  12. There's no blinking at Ronark Land, but if you were blinking at EMC or anywhere by the time you decide to travel to ronark land, the blinking will still be present at ronark land (though not visually, you cant use skills or anything though).
  13. Bosses location at cz bowl

    Every single boss seems to spawn in the same place, always (Barkirra at human entrance, Shaula at orc entrance, Lupus at 12, etc). Wasn't like that in apex 1. Only Bach Duke and Bishop seem to have variable spawns.
  14. Clan ranking updated Player ranking updated This, however, is not true. The only times where the ranks have updated have been in restarts. Is this broken?
  15. Refugees at oreads map don't give NP

    Don't give any NP. You're also supposed to kill them with R attacks (10 hits total, normal skills don't do damage they say "Using [skill]" but no MP is consumed), not with sheer dps.
  16. Don't seem to work? Maybe I tried to use them in a zone where you could not cast siege. Need to confirm (I didn't see anyone else using siege).
  17. The timer right next to your HP MP bar.
  18. Evil wizard exp off the charts

    Booro 5.7m EW 9.7m That's just not right...
  19. Evil wizard exp off the charts

    This was with XP 20% on apparently. Still vastly superior compared to Booro.
  20. Seeking party menu interface

    None of the filters work, many other buttons not working (inviting does work tho)
  21. EXP flashes usable with Apex prem.

    Can stack 4 of them too. Unsure if this stands true for other premium kinds and non-prem (probably not).
  22. Passion Warrior Damage Too Low

    So by worth it you mean, a point where there's not even a choice anymore between the two?
  23. 1. Topic hijacking is not allowed (ex: You sell X for 20 and some other person comes into your thread saying he's selling it for 15). 2. Prefixes are not mandatory, yet it is recommended to use words that everyone can understand such as "sell", "trade" or "buy" 3. It is advised to not create excessive threads for multiple items, try to merge them into one thread if possible. 4. Excessive thread bumping is not allowed. 5. USD and account trades won't be banned, but you will do them at your own risk. The ApexKO staff won't be held responsible for any scam or fraud regarding this kind of trades. 6. Advertising USD trades in our forums/games or social media sites will lead to a ban.
  24. Market rules.

  25. Refugees at invasions and oreads(?)

    User reports that these are not giving NP. These should give base 50 NP (if killed solo), less in a party. Just like a regular CZ kill.