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  1. Tried with the following items: Old EP and Old amulet of STR. When equipping STR, nothing happened, when equipping back the EP, the weight increased as it should of had with STR... but it was just visual (when nearing the weight limit with pots, it reset back to the actual weight). Meanwhile, having STR equipped was not a visual bug, because trying to go above the max carrying capacity would fail. This was tested with a transform scroll on.
  2. Emblem of Chaos III quest (bug)

    You're supposed to pick one of those jewelry pieces, but on completion it gives you all 4. I suppose the same happens with Emblem of Chaos IV. NPC: [Grand Merchant's Daughter] Menissiah at moradon.
  3. Upgrading middle class +8 to +9

    Does not work, because middle class becomes high class from +7, so the server might be thinking it was originally high from +1 so it doesn't accept it. Obviously you cannot rebirth items that are initially middle class. "The item does not match the upgrade requirements" User tested this on Weapon Breaker (middle class at +1)
  4. Fair suggestions, but keep in mind that having unkillable warders and keepers will always benefit the defending nation more (this is often reflected in the kills). I'd be in favor of a war put in saturdays.
  5. Mage's pet dragon does nothing

    No damage to mobs, orcs /humans.
  6. MP recover values from other weapons.

    MP recover amount is 10, which stands for 10%, so if a skill or R attack hits for 2000, you should recover 200 mana. Currently, you only recover like 2% (20 out of 1000) for some reason, it seems like a slightly inconsistent amount. Anyway, it's not 10% at all. (Note: This isn't MP damage).
  7. First you cure a dot, your HP bar goes back to red (from orange). After that you can be inflicted by DoT again but your HP is still visible as red now, and if you're never cured from dot (it expires) and then you get hit by the dot again, even if you get cured, your bar will remain orange. I think that's how it works at least, anyway, if you have dots on you =orange bar, if not or cured = back to red.
  8. Not a custom daily one, but one from USKO (Analyst NPC). This one has the NPC sell you an invisibility potion for 1m, but the dialogue is broken after "Accepted". Mind you, this quest isn't always available (day-based).
  9. Moving towers in oreads

    Boarding is broken.
  10. This is actually one of the bigger debates right now IMO in recent gaming. To please the casuals that only play 2-3 hours a day and want end-game served on a silver platter, or to adopt a harder (normal, as of 10 years ago) approach. KO is not, and has never been a game made for casuals imo. If you've grown with KO, you should know that grinding exp is a thing, and that working for your gear takes a LONG time. Granted, this is a private server, but you have to realize that making everything easy is not clear solution, because this ultimately pisses off those that like a harder take on this game (and rightfully so, that's how the kind of KO they're used to). I believe it's fine like it is right now, a nice middle ground. There's a solid influx of 10 lupus / lobo / lycaon a day if not more (due to CS) is sure to get everyone the skills they need over time.
  11. Bridge at bifrost - towers do no damage.

    Didn't this use to work?
  12. Bridge at bifrost - towers do no damage.

    from shoutbox (1/2/2016 @ 21:44 EST) ZeroTolerance clan still at it (same peeps)
  13. Instance 2 and 3 don't have any mobs in the spot. Unsure if it's like this for Karus.
  14. Cannot talk to the guy.
  15. Happy new year!

    Happy new year everyone
  16. I think assassins are more than viable right now thanks for your concerns however!
  17. Scrolls don't persist in chaos.

    If you get tp'd in chaos with 15 minutes left on your scrolls, you should have 15 mins left when you get out. Instead, they get consumed while inside.
  18. Super Shell Set Bonuses

    What about the different stat combos? Because having 4 pieces (except boots) is not the same than having 4 pieces (except helmet, or any other part). We need all the possible combinations, Black
  19. Or maybe instead of butchering a traditional event, we could find ways to incentivize the defending nation to participate until the end? Because even after the very brief boss rampage in cz after the war, people still leave the pk zone just like they leave the invasion, leaving us with no real change. Fire your best suggestions!
  20. Those at lava bridge, and even those at base. Some people are bug abusing this to camp spawn, will send a ss.
  21. MP recover from staff

    Spells (even AOEs) are not returning any mana from this stat. Lobo, Lupus and Lycaon staff at +0 have this stat. It should recover 30% of all damage inflicted (even if it meant that one single aoe could refill your entire mana).
  22. Border War Defense with a error

    None of these is new. Entries are randomized. As for the party compositions, yes it's kinda flawed.
  23. I'm just gonna say, magic armors and jewels no longer exist in this USKO version.
  24. Deva bird dies too quickly?

    220k HP, easily melted within 30-40 seconds or less. Doesn't allow for potential exciting fights at deva's room! Suggestion: Increase to 300k.
  25. Mages using Escape and Gate in bdw

    Not intended as far as I know.