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    making CHD to a jamadar

    CHJ incoming gentlemen. but seriously, leave CHD be. It has too high AP to be a Jamadar and I don't think changing item classes is a simple process.
  2. Lapislazuli

    USKO monster drop list + feedback

    I know giving DM's a higher drop rate of those items would make said items worthless, but there's not much that those can drop... actually I don't think there are Dark mares at CZ at all, I just checked and found none so scrap all of that. Eslant Dark and Dread mares should be worthless because we don't want people farming there (no cz activity). So maybe Dark mare type mobs are out of place after all. I have no idea what item they could drop that is decent enough to warrant having people no lifing it at eslant, clearly nothing too good, and if it's not good enough the nobody will kill them.