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  1. Like you said those npc's are for chain quests... I heard those are a pain to code but I thought I'd say that I really enjoyed doing those quests back then. Enjoyment and quests isnt something found in the same sentence often, at least for this game in particular. If they're never getting fixed then I'd be up for removing them, but that's for twoey / aesteris to decide (if they're fixing them or not, that is).
  2. Does give all the benefits but they're lowered a bit. For someone to make full use of this prem, that person would have to play 24/7. Everyone else would just be able to get by with the other prems. I don't really think it's that OP and if it is it can always be nerfed down. Still, it's just an idea of mine and will probably not even become true. Need to define which is the "free" item that comes with every premium. So far I'm certain that the golden mattock comes with DC, but that's about it.
  3. Wow so mean, why is it that stupid? What if I'm big into both PvE and PvP? What if I have the time to EXP hardcore at 81 but I don't wanna fall back in the np ranks? I wanna keep it civil of course but if you're gonna insult my idea at least take the time to use your head and explain your reasoning. The problem's the flashes. Fishing must have a purpose and the flashes exist, so always take them into account for these things. EXP flashes can be stacked 4 times, the other 2, 10 times. War prem should be toned down definitely, it by far gives the most benefits mainly due to the free reskills and dumb NP gain. But how? Should their base NP gain increase be adjusted and remove any access to WAR flashes? I'm not sure if the use of WAR flashes can be limited so people can only use up to 4-5 instead of the usual 10. Remember that EXP prem apparently can also use WAR flashes past 80... dunno if that should be changed. It seems to be intended behavior (albeit quite inconsistent and stupid seeing how a diff. kind of prem can use it and how past 80 you can no longer use EXP flashes with EXP prem). Bottom line, the goal is to make all premium types equally viable and able to fulfill their desired purposes, while at the same time not being that overpowered compared to a non-prem user. I had in mind along with these a while ago a poor man's bronze premium that would be really really cheap (think like 200 kc), lasts 15 days and provides the basic repair costs / item sold to npc stuff and a small np gain increase. Something to reduce the gap between someone with prem and someone without... but I think that's not a very good idea.
  4. I completely forgot about the event item voucher. Yeah that would be a good idea, but only for 1 prem (exp or ult?)
  5. I must remind you that NP is optional, and you're already having fun just by playing and pvping. Agreed that the NP bonus (especially in war prem) should somehow be toned down, I even stated how unfair it seems but I don't quite follow you in your logic. Should PUS be eliminated as a whole? Because most PUS items offer an advantage, as little as it is, in terms of character stats. As nice as it'd be to have a completely equal grounds KO utopia, server costs are a thing.
  6. CHJ incoming gentlemen. but seriously, leave CHD be. It has too high AP to be a Jamadar and I don't think changing item classes is a simple process.
  7. I know giving DM's a higher drop rate of those items would make said items worthless, but there's not much that those can drop... actually I don't think there are Dark mares at CZ at all, I just checked and found none so scrap all of that. Eslant Dark and Dread mares should be worthless because we don't want people farming there (no cz activity). So maybe Dark mare type mobs are out of place after all. I have no idea what item they could drop that is decent enough to warrant having people no lifing it at eslant, clearly nothing too good, and if it's not good enough the nobody will kill them.