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    Genie- should it be free?

    People don't have nearly as much time to grind it 24/7 anymore. Realize that most of the KO fans played it back then when they were anywhere from 12 to 20 years old, times have changed IMO. Also, a hard farm server sees way less new players after its release month, because no one wants to join a server where everyone is already fully decked out. Hard farming is my thing... but we gotta find a proper curve for everyone. Perhaps events giving a significant EXP bonus the first time you run them in a day? (first bdw 35m exp, subsequent bdws the same day 7m exp like usual) numbers are subjective. I don't know, help the casuals somehow with these sorts of daily bonuses.
  2. Lapislazuli

    Poll #3

    Other - Depends on how much exp those quests give, hopefully not more than 50% per. 5-15 - More than enough, leaning towards 5-10% as you become 75+. No - Devaluates those items even further.
  3. Lapislazuli

    Poll #6

    No - No I don't want any expansions - What is the purpose of this poll? Are you gonna open your own Private server? o_O 1-6 months - is a realistic gap, one that not many PS's would survive however.
  4. Lapislazuli

    Poll #4

    No - Just no. War exp disc - More customization for people who want bonuses to exactly fit the kind of playstyle they'll have. Genie in pus - If people want it, they'll buy it. Genie isn't even that great anyway compared to events / booro / quests.
  5. Lapislazuli

    Poll #5

    No - Don't want people getting frustrated because they entered the Caitharos arena with the wrong expectations and got destroyed. New - Fits this version. No - Whatever limit we have right now is good.
  6. Lapislazuli

    So sad about mage and want to say what i feel !!

    Actually in this version MP bonus is supposed to add damage in pk. Confirmed by regiss.
  7. Lapislazuli

    Question about skills

    I don't quite follow... what kind of quest do you mean? Right now there ARE quests, they require pendants and other quest items in order to unlock each of those skills. There's not exclusivity whatsoever or 'special snowflake' feeling on having a quest that any lowbie can unlock at any time.
  8. Lapislazuli

    Poll #1

    A) 83 B.) Medium-hard farm, Medium EXP (Assuming hard = KO equivalent) C) A fair combination of all of those, in my opinion there should never be a myriad of quests available at any given level that put grinding on 2nd priority as a mean to leveling up. It seems silly to have a bunch of people just spam quests and then move on "ok which quest next" as a never ending cycle that opens up more quests quicker than the ones that are being completed. Not to mention: quests in eslant or anywhere else that isn't cz = less activity & raids.
  9. Lapislazuli

    So sad about mage and want to say what i feel !!

    30% magic power iirc. Not total damage. sooo double check your facts
  10. Lapislazuli

    So sad about mage and want to say what i feel !!

    It does actually last time I checked o_O
  11. Lapislazuli

    Question about skills

    Already mentioned before that it's not that good of an idea to limit things that make people feel 'special'. Excessive catering to casuals seems to be all the rage nowadays, but KO was never really a casual game considering all the grinding involved.
  12. Lapislazuli

    So sad about mage and want to say what i feel !!

    I suppose so, but there's only so much testing to be done when people have elixirs +7, FRs+0 against 100+ base resistance enemies.
  13. Lapislazuli

    So sad about mage and want to say what i feel !!

    Mages are reliant on items. A +7 elixir staff mage will never beat a +7 shards 80 rogue or a warrior. To outdamage a rogue's minor heal you need to spam over a certain damage threshold, even if you have the sickest combo and only do 400 damage per hit, you won't pull it off. Meanwhile rogues only have to outdamage mages' hp potion regen, and that's fairly easy to do even with mds+7 (not to mention their lower hp and ac). We'll see in beta.
  14. Lapislazuli

    Question about skills

    Quests... altho that is yet to be officially defined (beta shall tell). Knight Kdom set up a precedent of giving them out automatically instead of having 2000 users be stuck yearning for quest items only available from cz bowl. Not autounlocking upsides: More activity in bowl. More 'carrot on a stick' material to be online and do your best to reach X goal, to have an edge over others (really satisfying in mmos). Not autounlocking downsides: Casuals might get discouraged from playing because they lack certain skills compared to more wealthy users. Economy might suffer. In the end, the quest requirements can always be changed I think... right now lobo-like pendants are used for almost everything. Gotta see the feedback regarding this, I mean, turks are no stranger to not being mastered while others are from what I've seen in other PS's.
  15. Lapislazuli

    Genie- should it be free?

    I personally disagree, Genie should be there for people who want the exclusive (and often times risky) benefit of earning levels (or farming items if autolooting is possible) while AFK. It shouldn't be available to anyone otherwise there would be no reason to never use it at any time you go idle, becoming something like Mining in Knight Kdom. Also... EXPing won't be that hard, I'm seeing a lot of backlash against grinding lately in other servers, hopefully it won't be that slow here.
  16. Lapislazuli

    So sad about mage and want to say what i feel !!

    Everyone has 60-140 or even higher resistances right now though in Alpha. Last time I checked, mage's damage was fine. On the other hand, having mage dealing 1400 damage with Ignization (80 fire) past my passive reduction, while I have over 140 Fire resistance is NOT fine. Getting bladed by 600+110 damage by an ice mage also wasn't fine considering that in both of these examples said mages had only an elixir +7 and bif rings +0. The damage was too high for having such items, 255 MP or not. Don't worry about mage damage, their strength does not come from solo gameplay, unless novas hit for 200 damage, mages will always be viable (perhaps annoyingly so in these kind of servers) to the point of having LOTS of "mage teams" novaing anything that moves at pvp zones. Don't forget their PVE strength either, often desired over melees at events like Juraid. Rest assured, with +1 and +2 bifrost rings on top of more advanced staves (bif, ft, krowaz, utc), the damage will be there. Wait for Beta for a more indepth look at their damage again.
  17. Lapislazuli

    [IMPLEMENTED - 2.038] Choose Char Disabled

    it has an issue in github... I think
  18. Lapislazuli

    Questions about PUS

    I'm up for deleting the undy scroll... too overpowered.
  19. Lapislazuli

    Premium types feedback.

    If they could be limited to 4 (like exp prem does officially afaik) it'd be fine I guess... it still has the wings, free reskills and other stuff going for it anyways. Base NP gain on any prem could be reduced to +2, so war prem only gives +6.
  20. I'm against it! In moba games they've gone out of their way to hide any message that would undermine or encourage the opposite team for different reasons. As such, the following messages / tweaks have disappeared and took place respectively: -You cannot see enemy borders on loading screen (would disencourage people thinking they're fighting people out of their league) -You cannot see opposite team disconnection / reconnection messages. (quick let's overwhelm them while they're one down!) -You cannot see enemy team surrender vote failures. (their morale is low, gogogo) This is just an example to show how these messages or features affected the game flow. The Juraid message shouldn't be displayed IMO because as it happens too quickly it might give people in the other team the sensation of hopelessness and that there's no point trying anymore (because their loss is evident, still stuck in the first floor while "enemy nation cleared 3rd"), also because officially that didn't exist. An additional reason would be: There's always that nice feeling of insecurity when you're first in the Deva Room... you don't know when the enemy will show up, or if they're already there while having stealthed scouts, so you're always watching your back. This message will make all what I described obsolete and add predictability to the most fun phase of this event!
  21. Lapislazuli

    Anyone bringing his clan over?

  22. Lapislazuli

    Premium types feedback.

    Yes, the official USKO exp prem gives an absurd amount of exp at 1-40, 41-50, 51-60 and 61-70. But I mentioned none of that. I think that feature is incredibly stupid and should go, it makes leveling way too easy. If people perhaps want to power level chars to have them ardream ready then some super Gladiator Scrolls could be added 2-3 weeks in. About War premium... can the amount of WAR flashes be limited? Tbh I think these damn flashes add imbalance and are annoying T_T
  23. Lapislazuli

    A buggestion.

    Always been that way, but I suppose it could be cleaned up... How many people actually use that menu anyway? I doubt most turks even realize about it's existence.
  24. Lapislazuli

    Premium types feedback.

    Because that's how private servers work bro. I'm sure twoey and aesteris probably have a different perspective, but if it was up to me I would surely charge people for a quality server, 'cuz this will be top notch. At the end of the day it's optional too... it's not like you cannot hit 80 without prem lol, it will just take a bit longer.
  25. Like you said those npc's are for chain quests... I heard those are a pain to code but I thought I'd say that I really enjoyed doing those quests back then. Enjoyment and quests isnt something found in the same sentence often, at least for this game in particular. If they're never getting fixed then I'd be up for removing them, but that's for twoey / aesteris to decide (if they're fixing them or not, that is).