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  1. ty better than ur clan NP love u beasty
  2. cause everyone saw shes a girl and jumped on it lol don't u see the other topics xd but anyone is welcome in loyalty clan lol
  3. Hi, my in game name is CFoR and we are orc and we are just a clan filled with new players tin apexko and I would be glad to add you to clan if you are still looking for one ! just send me a message anytime .
  4. @Vivaldi lock this 1 too please if you can, thank you.
  5. i cant sorry I'm committed to loseyourself they know how to show a bit of respect and they have respect for themselves unlike others #cough #allcartel
  6. who are you again? random ?
  7. just gonna say this for the last time ever, gj bro you won WOHO ur the best all u want is attention towards u and i bet that's how u are in real life all you want is attention and playing with peoples head (y) its sad bro anyhow good luck i will give u guys tops 2 months to go to another server.
  8. exactly as usual run away from your problems GG kids
  9. LoseYourSelf VS All Clan in KO History

    no its not about drama, whoever does drama is a child
  10. dude we didn't take a video of the first 3 vses where we fucked ur ass before that priest cured me and you started losing so fast that you couldn't vs anymore you made chris aka yougotpwndbymyass log to do the vs for man GTFO of here bro ur talking shit still bro fuck off .
  11. LoseYourSelf VS All Clan in KO History

    so much trash talk its sad dude it really is i have played with both clans and you both are good, if you win a vs doesn't mean you guys are the best nor is lys, both clans get rolled in cz anytime as well, so ? would Cartel like taking videos of people killing them in cz and posting it i bet you guys don't and you guys do so much drama over a vs dude kill yourselves
  12. i saw kid i still love kot lol