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  1. 1x Chaos Wiri +8 (+5 Rebirth) 2x Opal Earring +3 1x Ring of Courage +3 IGN: SkyKingGriffin
  2. Why not old Ring Of Felankor ? brain yok kanki
  3. PM ME ingame: SkyKingGriffin
  4. Apex New Patch!

    Great Job ! We appreciate it as a new clan
  5. Leave your offer or pm me ingame : MarekSwierczewski
  6. You can pm me here or ingame ! IGN: MarekSwierczewski
  7. We aren't scammers we already explained to them what happened.
  8. Hi everyone ! We're new at ApexKO and our first drop of today was Ring Of The Felankor. You can leave your offer from PM. Or you can pm me ingame : MarekSwierczewski. ITEM SOLD