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  1. Welcome to ApexKo lets cheat scam change the ip etc. In the end we are all virtual characters
  2. baked ?

    You fucking loosers
  3. Yep by spamming you might achieve a response from someone in charge thats the only way to get seen. Keep it up. But dpubt you will get a response
  4. I asked all three things before you can see in my previous posts. Owners never listen or are lazy/busy to change that matter. Trolls
  5. I found apex through voting sites. Seems it works? Or im old fashioned?
  6. bilgilendirme İNFORMATİON

    Yes i disagree also

    Yes i confirm! Totally agree!
  8. SELL: CHAOS BAAL +10 REV 42K KC!!!!!

    For those who are jelous of Boom having a hot wife. S> somali woman
  9. Just a curious question ...

    the intention of this is that mages should be like assasins, you cannot be spotted casting. Tell me where mages are strong?
  10. SELL: CHAOS BAAL +10 REV 42K KC!!!!!

    I think its that he sells chaos baal and 42k kc?
  11. Meme wars

    https://ibb.co/ffYqaQ Nice to meet you
  12. Meme wars

    This is my favourite topic by far https://ibb.co/fQ75s5
  13. Meme wars

    What do you mean? You couldnt upload a second one? Oh i get it it sucks.
  14. Meme wars

  15. Just a curious question ...

    But you can kill majority of people? Its not like mages should rule them all?