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  2. REVOLUTİON vs thegoodlife 8v8 part.1 1080p

    Wow last time i see Mr7 in cz like last year
  3. Biffrost/Ultima/Felankor/Other Subjects #Destroying Server

    i miss old time cz full player
  4. Miguan's buy list

    still don't wanna take my vs rule? use macro more to save your poor skill
  5. Miguan's buy list

    安安R小阿土們朕來收點東西 戰裝8套加8頭衣褲 然後再兩個精耳加3 有的話遊戲裡密我或是寄信給我也行啦 最後幹你大伯死雞掰阿土吃我老二 I mean, hello/merhaba guys Buy List ↓ Krowaz Warrior Hemlemt_Upper_Lower +8 / rev+5 Daul EME+3 Letter me(@Miguannnnnnnnnnnn) if you wanna sell. Have a nice day guys.
  6. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    do not take my rule? well then have fun in candy crush, i mean apexko(with macro)
  7. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    ahh change the subject, nice. just admit what i said afraid of challenge a easy dog (sin vs bet kc)
  8. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    nice macro player coming use full item and click skill with mouse because he didn't know how to press keyboard
  9. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    afraid of challenge a easy dog np
  10. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    who is easy player everybody know it you don't say all with macro(X) all macro noob (O) like man take my rule friend? or not
  11. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    nice RR/minor/mp pot set on macro btw have fun.
  12. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    keep use it cause you don't know how to use minor while vs/pk like 5 years noob kid vs me without macro after upload video to prove and loser pay 5kkc for winner or not
  13. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    VS movie (X) macro movie (O)
  14. OwnedByHawkeye TBLING

    normal range in his screen i think.
  15. WHAT IS THIS ??????

    he has do stream too maybe you can pm/letter him link in game as far as i know that just general lag like if you run with your friend same site but in his screen you're behind him you can test with friend and youtube have a lot of video about this because i am the one who had been through so i know it have a good day