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  1. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    People focusing more on author of this guide than on the guide itself, its sad becuase all this is really basic and obvious for someone whos got a brain. Still, 90% of apex community does not follow most of these tips.
  2. +1, no idea why that was changed, if the skill says it drains 10% then its 10%, not some random low number.. Most of the drops from ultima or felankor go to the pt with 3pri 5war who bash it for 10-15min. If not for the box (which becomes useless btw) other parties wouldnt even touch big mobs.
  3. This, pretty much you can blink into the river side. Im sure KTC did it accidentally seeing that he had free nps on the other side waiting for them.

    You need also NCS, Raiden bad name for warriorn :s
  5. What newbies? There are none and with the current state of server new players wont join anytime soon. (or ever)
  6. This is 100% bullshit, everybody know by now about your "second chance policy" so people just find more hax and edited tbls knowing that if caught they wont get banned. And with the knowledge about the game that staff here presents most people will never get caught. Ofc, some deserve more than second chance, that depends on GMs mood, if the suspect is a part of a big clan and more unclear rules that we dont know of. Like for example eatyoualive whos been multiclienting on bdws for weeks and is still playing. Whats the purpose of keeping that kind of garbage on apex? No idea. In result, the staff along with all the dumbasses who cant play KO normally, spit in the faces of legit players. ^Rules of conduct. np
  7. Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    I love how you trade mp pots and then kill them Nice vid
  8. Then you need to do the same? Are you 5?
  9. wtf are you talking here about? The fact that you try to kick a guy that you simply dont like by pming random people and asking them to follow you in your stupidity is incredibly lame. This situation really needs gm attention just to make clear that kicking players from events for no reason should not be tolerated.
  10. Blink skill bugged

    Hey, mage blink skill bugs when it is used while chaos curse is on. The bug is that if you use blink while chaos curse is on then ofc it wont work but the skill will be on cooldown which is absolutely ridiculous. So after the chaos curse will finish you have to wait for the blink to be ready to use. And another thing concerning mage class is how adamant works with tps. Now, whenever adamant works mages cannot use tp skill. For my understanding, if I put off my shield after adamant being triggered, I should be able to use tp skill. But it does not work that way. I have to wait for adamant to end to use tp again.