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  1. I'm playing soon yes Doga but no where near like I used to. Mostly just going to pk from time to time I don't think any of us are that active enough to PK like it was before.
  2. Dogamon you lil shit haven't saw you in a while lol. @Tila gimme ur discord hoe
  3. Sounds good man hit me up with a PM when you make your discord account. Jay is still around, I don't know his name in-game though.
  4. What exactly did he say was wrong? I literally stated in that quote "If CZ picks up to my liking I'll come back". All he did was quote what I said which is right. Who cares if it's 2 years old. I said I'd be back and when I said that - I meant it. If anybody needs to lighten up it's you. Update 7/22/17 : Well guys I'm planning on coming back to KO actively. I'm not entirely sure how many people from MNI are still on this server but if you want to join up and shit on peeps again let me know via Skype or Discord - I have both. I won't be that active until after August 12th because thats when my GF goes back to college shes currently taking up all my free time lol. For now Built4CZ (Dean) will be in charge of getting some people back and organizing things until I'm capable of leading it. This topic is 2+ years old now, that's crazy.
  5. MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    It happens in general for me pogo.
  6. MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    Why df does all my topics turn into fights LOL.
  7. MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    Yea I sux man.
  8. MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    Let's revive this bois.
  9. LOL shut up black And no theres no drama, but topics like this surely start it.
  10. First iron bow +9!

    Geez nice man.
  11. First iron bow +9!

    Damn nice did you use trina?