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    ageu1000 reacted to XinRen in Nice Wings   
    i saw these wings a server and i love so much 
    can u add these wings ? if u have
     It would be very nice im waiting for ur reply aesteris or twostars

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    ageu1000 got a reaction from Built4CZ in FULLL LAGGGGGGGGGG   
    here in Brazil my friends and I are very lag,
    as soon as we approach other players, 80% of Brazilians are lagged
    This has already been about 6 hours, and it has not improved.
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    ageu1000 reacted to twostars in Patch notes (24/08/2018)   
    [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug (as a direct result of the last patch) causing R attacks to fail for many weapons. [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug causing Unupgradable (Hepa & Rosetta) items to be upgradable. [Hotfixed] Fixed several items no longer being able to be upgraded/compounded: Ring of Felankor Bow Wood Staff Shield of <selfname> (normal & reverse) Eagle's Eye (normal & reverse) Gab's Blessing (reverse) Chitin Shield (normal & reverse) Syphioric (normal & reverse) All Hepa's weapons (reverse) Javana Axe (normal) Warrior Pendant Defender of the Lord (reverse) Fixed a bug causing Chaos Dungeon skills (and some other special skills) to not apply their secondary debuff components (stuns/slows). Fixed a bug causing transformations to fail. Improved server-side send queue behaviour to help alleviate lag issues. This is mostly a trade-off at this point; instead of guaranteeing you'll (eventually) receive every notification, you're now only guaranteed to do so for a short while. After that we'll start dropping packets so that when your lag issues subside, the client isn't overwhelmed and has a chance to catch up. Obviously this isn't ideal, but it's just an unfortunate consequence of having a laggy connection -- at least this way it should recover better. Added client-side exception logging. If (or when) the client does crash, it will now dump relevant data in exception_log.txt (in your ApexKO folder). It is recommended (and in fact the client will tell you to do so) to send me (twostars) the contents of this file so that I'm able to fix the crash for a future patch. Added extensive server-side logging behaviour for client crashes. If you crash, it'll tell us what happened immediately prior to crashing, so we're better able to investigate such issues. [Twilight Knight Guard] Martin can now be found in Moradon for easier access to Under the Castle box exchanges. [Hotfixed] Mace of <selfname> can now be upgraded.