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  1. https://prnt.sc/kts1zq https://prnt.sc/kts39t
  2. ageu1000


    here in Brazil my friends and I are very lag, as soon as we approach other players, 80% of Brazilians are lagged This has already been about 6 hours, and it has not improved.
  3. I always go in the draki tower, today I was with 10 certificate of draki, after I entered I realized that the 10 certificates were gone once I would like to be reimbursed... character DonnyDonowitz or Ageuvk
  4. buy warrior krowas paldron +11 = 15k kc pure kc buy warrior krowas paldron +11 = 15k kc pure kc pm ageuvk or donnydonowitz
  5. buy warrior krowas paldron +11 = 15k kc pure kc
  6. s> krowas warrior +11 set =95k kc . or offer me rofs+3 chaos ball +11 set priest +11 adamant+11 pm Ageuvk or DonnyDonowitz
  7. ageu1000

    S> Warrior Krowas set+11

    s> set warrior krowas+11 + chaos wirinon+11 pm ageuVK or DonnyDonnowitz
  8. PM ageuvk/ DonnyDonowitz s> chaos wirinon+11 i m look for rof+3 +kc or warrior krowas pads +11+kc
  9. ageu1000

    Oreads voucher

    Hello ! I bought 2 times by mistake the auto loot, I was buying kc, not to mention that happen to several people, you could help me, I would like to have my kc returned 1x on nick name DonnyDonowitz 1x on Ageuvk same acont