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    Rougean reacted to twostars in Patch notes (20/04/2018)   
    [Hotfix] Warrior's Cry Echo is now correctly dealing 300% damage + 200 bonus damage again. [Hotfix] Warrior's Berserk Echo is now correctly dealing 300% damage again. [Hotfix] Changed scaling on the Plwitoon stuck in lava to account for the fact only ranged can deal damage to it Fixed a bug causing skill bars (Chaos Dungeon & regular) to not correctly save sometimes. [Hotfix] Cleaned up daily/weekly/monthly quests some more. This should fix them not correctly resetting data. These previously worked such that the quest data shown to the client was different to that reset/tracked by the server.
    It behaved like this for 2 reasons:
    1. So that we were able to easily identify these types of quests (and reset them on access, because unfortunately there was no better way).
    2. So players could still see the quest in the NPC's menu after it was completed. In this case it would error saying something like "You have already completed this for the week". This behaviour was very error-prone (particularly with things like week identification on completion; this doesn't play nicely with being able to turn in the previous week's quest and take it again for the following week), and in general just a mess, so now weekly/monthly quests behave like all other quests: when a quest is completed, the NPC does not show it anymore until it's reset. NOTE: As this caused weekly quests from last week to not reset correctly (causing players to not be able to take them this week), we've hotfixed these to reset as of today. That means these have all reset a couple of days later than they should (potentially causing loss of progress to those who did still have it). This was unavoidable, sorry. Certain quests (for now, only applicable daily/weekly/monthly quests) will now be transferred when you Nation Transfer. Previously, transferring meant you'd have both copies of certain quests (one per nation), which were tracked independently. Now, for the quests we've allowed for, you will only ever have the 1 quest -- and your progress will transfer over to the other nation's variant of that quest when you transfer. This makes quests like [Monthly] A small challenge more attainable as players will retain existing quest progress after transferring. Existing quest progress will not be merged; only the credit for your current nation will count. This only applies to quest progress going forward from the patch. Fix a bug with quest progress not being reset correctly on login. In other news, this week we've been getting back into our client source project. Since it's been a while we're still getting reacquainted with the sourcebase so progress is a little slow, but we've:
    Implemented name change support. Updated resistance logic and implemented the newer stun rate algorithm. Implemented skillbar saving/loading, with future support for Chaos Dungeon skillbars (when that's eventually implemented). Updated warp list logic & implemented all various warp list (and some other) errors as of current 2.1xx clients. Updated quest support & implemented existing quest UIs [quest tab+quest info popup & level guide]. Mostly implemented stealth/lupine skill behaviour (still a work-in-progress). Client now correctly supports even newer effect files. Implemented support for unpacking/using newer client files. Still a lot of work to go before it's in a usable state, but it's getting there. With larger things like transformations (soon!) out of the way we can probably start working on a newer client version and the systems involved with that (e.g. 1.534, letter system, new event & quest systems, etc).
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    Rougean reacted to Vivaldi in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    Hello there!
    We appreciate all of your suggestions and it's also nice to see how it can get even better when others start to pitch in!
    Now to directly adress your suggestions:
    1st suggestion) We are going to improve beginner gear when we release the UTC Expansion (which is not far);
    2nd suggestion) We won't implement blue potions to the server or provide any kind of extra "outside" bonus (aka Undying scroll). Studying the game's behaviour and history and also in talk with the admins and other GMs we came to the conclusion that we're against anything that will slow down the pace of the PK and also that paper mages shouldn't be "tanky" and sustain a lot of damage. They should instead perfom high amounts of damage enough to kill everyone if their novas are well timed but to counter that, they are and should be quite weak defense-wise. This is part of the paper mage build and the gameplay that involves playing a mage party which counts with sneaking into high crowded areas without being seen, hiding in well thought spots and attacking by surprise without letting their formation to get broken/infiltrated.
    With that being said, our approach will be to somehow (yet to be studied untill the expansion) to improve their damage, specifically for ranged skills. With this, even if they eventually get approached by short ranged melee's party they will do quite fine seeing that, mostly, they already did in the past (watching their behaviour when our server was crowded with mages) unless fighting extremely tanky parties (i. e. parties containing 3 priests);
    3rd suggestion) I agree with this but merged with BulletClub's take, NPs for items not KC. But this is a delicate feature so we'll gather and talk about it, study possible downsides and then look at ways to implement it for the expansion.
    Now I would just like to ask for everyone's patience, we will indeed adress all this mage issues but we are waiting to do it together with the UTC Expansion. Why? Because with UTC Expansion many other features will be released, exciting new ideas and events that we have created to join the server. And not only that, but with UTC Expansion everything will be detailed and advertised properly beforehand which means that we will be able to take full benefit of the changes since everyone will be aware of it.
    So stay tuned, there's much to come!
    Best regards,
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    Rougean reacted to Melody in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    Hello Everyone, First of all I want to start and welcome all ApexKO players to Feedback & Suggestions about this subject.
    Any comments that are added to this topic that are not related to my topic will be ignored and are not needed, so please keep out unrelated subjects.

    As a Commander an old player of KO, since the passion came out mages basically don't have any chance agaisn't meeles that it's facts and everyone know it,
    no one can deny this, specially when they run with 3 priests. [In USKO they are even Stronger].

    As the only mage team right now on ApexKO with full geared and PUS Items we barely can stand agaisn't meeles.
    And as I said we are fully geared you can check on website: https://apexko.com/clan/17890

    Right now Mages Items are pretty cheap and kind of useless no one buy them.
    I think opening the +8 krowaz +8 cursed +3 Accessorize to gear merchant will bring mage teams back

    So my first Suggestion will be, to add 'Gear Despencer': Dual LKP+3 & EP+3 & LBOL+3 & Dual FR+3 & Mage Krowaz Set+8 & Curse Items+8.
    So even me and my team that had to buy those items and had to farm those items we support that.

    Second Suggestion would be, to add Blue Potion to Sundries for a amount of money like 1 Million since it's just for 10mins.
    or make it 30mins and then sell it for a reasonable price, again to incrase mage defense.

    Third suggestion would be, to add an NPC to exchange NPS for KC.
    Since ppl want a new start and there won't be a new server and they're already millions of NPS on the accounts.
    Like 100K NPS ~ 100KC, 500K NPS ~ 500KC and 1M NPS ~ 1K KC.
    + That would add a value to PK more and make the PVP more active.

    Eden || Melody.
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    Rougean reacted to Allanoon in S> Rons set +11rev   
    Look ur message box
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    Rougean got a reaction from Drunken in Scammed by ItzMad / Drunken / Whatever...   
    Also GM please bann that mofo and delete his KC lol
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    Rougean reacted to ImmortalOne in Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)   
    Alpha wake up!
    When chayni was in bloodline clan they cried about warrior aoe skill and they wanted to boost it now hes play mage and want nerf.
    This is why apex lost alot players
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    Rougean reacted to bergundy in Remove War add More CSW   
    instead of war they should close cz and open up the rlb or ardeams map for 2hours so you just pk on those with 83's.
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    Rougean reacted to Manhattan in Melee passion   
    Don't mind that. It's funny and peculiar how the same people that so desperately want to keep those skills the way it currently is also say, and I quote: "warrior aoe takes way more skill and precise timing to hit to kill anyone as opposed to mage AOEs." and also: "skills and abilities that require more coordination and execution to pull off than others" So. Yeah.
    They believe that using an AOE skill that you can literally cast while running , followed by 3 others in short seconds w/o any animation, skills which are used by the class with the highest stats takes way more skill, coordination and execution. LMFAO. No comments.
    They're also the same people that, like little children (makes sense), threatens to leave the server if a change would take place for the good of the majority while alredy selling their accounts. Like, what the actual fuck.
    Also the very exact same folks who begged to NERF the coin farm settings of the server after enjoying it for months and making their characters full items and ofc they just needed KC after that so they needed its price to go down not thinking about the sake of the server and what the begginers w/o items would think of it.
    Those are some very narrow minded group of individuals (trying my best to be nice) that have nothing to say other than make use of their strongest and utmost magical words: "it is like that in USKO". Thinking that we should take it seriously when USKO is a complete fail in its current state. Being forced to constantly merge and create new servers as a desperate last move to try to stay alive. Not to mentioned it was launched in the biggest gaming platform and it was treated like a joke.
    What I'm saying is: no one, specially the admins should give much attention to those choppas. Instead, try a few diferent things, take notes from the players in game, see how the changes feel, if it's bad make it back how it was. People love this server, and they'll not only understand but stand behind it. You can make changes in one second and also revert it if prooves to be bad, so just try a few things and see how it goes.
    And I still think that those AOE skills should belong in the Attack warrior skill tree and maybe leave only one in the Passion tree so only then it will take a bit of skill to actually time that single one to make it effective. Or maybe increase its cooldown to 1 minute. I don't know, it is a very delicate matter.
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    Rougean got a reaction from TheTompa in Beta - Iron Bow +11 Reverse   
    Crazy stuff, now come try kill me with my troll armor in cz
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    Rougean reacted to Mr DooM in Apex KO new server release date   
    This has been going trough alot lately in forums.
    Will krowaz & utc be added? (tho i caught a climpse of krowaz being added 2 weeks after launch?)
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    Rougean reacted to MeIody in Animosity ApexKO #1   
    Animosity ApexKO #1
    Like with your Gmail/Youtube Account And Sharer Please.
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    Rougean got a reaction from Ravson in Countdown for events on panel   
    Would be awesome, if there on the front page of panel, was a countdown for the different events.


    Next BDW: 1:40
    Next Chaos: 2:20
    Next War: 2 days, 4 hours, 7 minutes.

    I keep missing events cuz I can't seem to figure out the correct event schedule (the one ingame seems off?)
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    Rougean got a reaction from Ravson in Countdown for events on panel   
    Would be awesome, if there on the front page of panel, was a countdown for the different events.


    Next BDW: 1:40
    Next Chaos: 2:20
    Next War: 2 days, 4 hours, 7 minutes.

    I keep missing events cuz I can't seem to figure out the correct event schedule (the one ingame seems off?)
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    Rougean reacted to SPANKME in Countdown for events on panel   
    Big bump for this one, the ingame schedule is totally messed up and so is the one that's posted on forums.
    It's really a nuisance for new players to try catch those events.