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    New patch issues

    We (50-60% of both parties) DC when taking crystal in CSW. DC hack or bug, no idea. No lag, no dc for 55minutes, no loss of connection to TS etc.
  2. Rougean

    PLEASE ALL apexko user's can read that topic

    Yes please, warriorKO please kanka
  3. Rougean

    S> Rons set +11rev

    As title says. Msg me here.
  4. Rougean

    S> Rons set +11rev

    Answered now, ty
  5. Rougean

    S> Rons set +11rev

    Sup nub, just been slaying some nubz on this gay ass server. Need some more mages to fight
  6. Rougean

    S> Rons set +11rev

  7. Rougean

    Ultima during csw

    Did you consider changing Ultimas spawn time on sundays? Perhaps it could spawn after CSW and not during. CSW is now offically a 10minute event because everyone is in cz for the first 50 :-)
  8. Rougean

    CSW trading Crystal with alliance

    Make allies unable to attack crystal #ProblemSolved
  9. Scammed me for 65 usd so aint much but just watch out guys :-)
  10. Rougean

    Scammed by ItzMad / Drunken / Whatever...

    Also GM please bann that mofo and delete his KC lol
  11. Rougean

    B> Top mage items

    As title says.. ​Need: krowaz +8 or higher fulitol +8 or higher Dual flame ring +3 Dual lkp +3 The draki pendant for mages (can't remember the exact name) Lbol +0/1/2/3
  12. Rougean

    B> Top mage items

  13. Rougean

    Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)

    Maybe you should try grow up a little :-) I don't know what you claiming to be scammed by my clannie has to do with you changing opinions about skills depending on what benefits yourself the most. But hey oldest trick in the book, when you can't prove your point in the case talk about something else. Also I doubt Aesteries increased the warrior dmg, so unless that is the case the skill is the exact the same (or weaker cuz of the lowered range again) than when you defended it.
  14. Rougean

    Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)

    So now the skill is OP? I remember you claiming it wasn't OP at all back when it was bugged and had extra range and you played in a meele clan. I guess you just switched to mage again and now want it easier? And incase you forgot your old post from this topic: http://forum.apexko.com/topic/2791-melee-passion/page-2 back when the skill was actually OP let me remind you: "if mages would pk with a buffer and a duffer they can tank warrior aoe's easy but they want to have 7 mage 1 duffer (no party cure) so they get full blown echo's edit: so if mages want to be more "tanky" they should play like mages do in official servers 2 priest 6 mages and if they play correctly, and they still can't tank anything, then think about nerf." Mages can easily tank the skill after the AoE range nerf, so np now, or check your two last posts in the topic for tips how to easily counter the warrior AoE :-)
  15. Rougean

    Warrior's Aoe Skill

    Yeah the skill is like USKO now. Judging by Tarriks video it might even be too weak here xD So if the GM's aims to make a 100% USKO copy they should keep it like this. But if they want mage teams they need to do something about. It is all about what kinda server the admins / we players want, not saying one type is better than the other :-)
  16. Rougean

    Warrior's Aoe Skill

    No mage clan is gonna play a server with warrior AoE skills and we all know 90% of turks on the private server scene plays mages. The skill is very imbalanced and Tarriks video proved that, 1 warrior killing an entire mage pt with the skill lol. So if this server wants to keep the AoE skills as they are (pretty similar to USKO), they just gotta focus on making it a very melee friendly server and try to bring as many melee clans here as possible for activity.
  17. Rougean

    S> mage and warrior items

    Selling: Mage items: Aztec Gold Fulitol +5 rev 2 x Flame ring +2 Elemental Pendant +2 2 x Lkp +1 !! Warrior items: Opal Earring +2 Plat earring +1 Amulet of str +2 2x Diamon ring +2 Trading for: Support mage items.
  18. Rougean

    S> mage and warrior items

    Offer :-)
  19. Rougean

    S> mage and warrior items

  20. Rougean

    ElBar B/S List

    Quitting cuz Bloodline didn't wanna nerf warriors and now everyone left? xD j/k bar, gl selling, you have any of ur mage shizzle left?​
  21. Rougean

    Remove War add More CSW

    Awesome idea. Ronark Land Base is the best zone ever
  22. Rougean

    Balanced warrior AOE Proofs

    Thanks for actually posting a video and trying to test out the skills, we are moving in the right direction instead of your pointless flames about everyones elses brain capacity :-) I however do not think that these videos are any proof that skill is not OP. Why? ​ 1. You are fighting randoms who are not using their skills effectively. Just like when mages novaed 2k it was still easy to destroy random parties because they had no real timing and teamwork. 2. The party you are fighting consist of 4 warriors (who yet again is timing their skills poorly), when the real issue arises when melee parties come running with 6 warriors and decent on their priest or 5 warriors which decent on a stealthed rouge. My clanmate tested the dmg, I believe he tested it with ScreameR(?), and the dmg for the 4 AoE skills were as followed: 1st = 1800 2nd = 1500 3rd = 1200 4th = 900​​ Please note that this was of course with torment. I believe that the fact that a warrior party (6 warriors) can deal 32000+ AoE dmg faster than mages can deal 7000k (6x nova with minor resist) makes the AoE skills OP. Once again, please refrain from the flaming and spamming my poor sharer ingame. We are all adults (I assume). I just wanna add that I will of course respect whatever conclusion the ApexKO staff comes to regarding this skill and not go around crying about it being a warrior server. Just as I assume you guys will not if the skill is being nerfed, if your chars is not sold by then :-)​
  23. Rougean

    Melee passion

    Please do me a favor and prove the skill is not OP. Btw nice spamming my sharer ingame, such a mature clan you have :-)​
  24. Rougean

    Melee passion

    The server isn't balanced at all. Otherwise there would be mage clans here claiming so, right? You are free to read bo​th mine and some of the ApexKO's staffs posts for explanation why it isn't balanced atm. Again, please enlighten me about the correct way of playing a mage team against such ourtragoues AoE damages. I am always up for learning so if you teach me this easy way of countering the AoE please do so. ​ Go cz with your clan as mages and record it to show us nubz how it is done. Thank you :-)
  25. Rougean

    Melee passion

    Your arguments are so strong.... Maybe try to stop focusing on "protecting" the OP skill by bringing other players Well argumented suggestions down with your flames. Instead I ask you for the 3rd time to please show me how a mage party can survive the AoE skills in real pk in cz. You keep saying they just need to use 2 priests, but we have tried it. Torment or no torment you will still die if the warriors has any skills at all. I don't see how nerfing the AoE skill will make it mage ko, mages still wont be able to kill you with Nova (even if your priest sucks he can still out heal the 6x 1000-1200 dmg) and you kill the mages one by one and actually have an Challenge.. But hey, I guess it is more fun to jump into a group of the best geared mages and insta cast warriors aoe which equals 3x Nova and just see the nps flowing in. Just like it was boring as hell to play mage in wars earlier (because Kecoon ts + 2k Nova) was way too easy and made a lot of melee clans quit. I hope you can see how the AoE skill is ruining the gameplay for everyone else than the warrior class and thererore will be a bit more mature and try to find solutions instead of flaming everyone who makes a suggestion.