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  1. BUYING Apex KC 25K+ Pm me with price and quantity. Warrior items: Chaos Baal+11 Kro+8 Set Draki SSS 2xOE+3 SOS+3/IB+3 Gabs+8 I want to buy a package deal if possible, pm me.
  2. [BUYING] 25K+ KC / Full Warrior Items

  3. Anything going to be done for priest?

    Lollllllllll come back to troll my amigo?
  4. Timmeh/SirBangAlot Looking for a clan

    nice coming back?
  5. [BUYING] 25K+ KC / Full Warrior Items

  6. PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan

  7. [BUYING] 25K+ KC / Full Warrior Items

    +++++ possibly coming back. BUMP
  8. WHAT IS THIS ??????

    hahahahahaha china vip package very nice
  9. Xaldin pk

    U shitted on that rouge very gg
  10. Xaldin pk

    Riote/Atross PK
  11. TheGANG New Video

    Very iyi gecele video I’m coming back who needs a sharer?
  12. TheGANG New Video

    Very cancerous maybe get fraps for free very easy to find .... ask Turk friend plx
  13. {SELL} Warr Accessories

    Sell 2x ROL+3 4K kc String+3 10k kc 2x Roc+3 2x PE +3 last of my items pm, all kc is sold.
  14. {SELL} Warr Accessories

  15. {SELL} Warr Accessories

  16. {SELL} Warr Accessories