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    yokbrainkanka reacted to bergundy in Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz   
    Brooks the best
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to bergundy in Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz   
    what this man said ^
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to Manhattan in Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz   
    Like, that's the exact reason why I take issue with these people, I really try to stay the fuuuuck away and shut up but I just can't. Watch this Darius (YouGotPwnedByMyAss), for example, I can't stand these frauds because of their sheer stupidity.
    Look, bear with me here:
    1) He is a warrior a.k.a. a damn pawn in the VS. Anyone with half a brain, any retard or KO rookie that knows the basics can fit his roll, do exactly what his doing meaning that he is practically nothing there. 
    2) I am not even gonna mention the fact that he macros, I can't... I just aahh it's beyond me...
    3) With the above being said, most of the weight of the VS is on the priest and yet he tries to act tough challenging and calling everyone out but in reallity he's just a worm who could be easily substituted by an equal insect. He is nothing but depends on others in order to try to be something. The pinnacle of sadness and desperation.
    4) To finish this sad story, he mocks Brook (I doubt he gives a tiny fuck about this) for losing to DeBrogLie when the priest he'll use for this VS (I'm guessing Melody, which I have nothing against) has already lost 2v2 for him as well. So, what. the actual. fuck.
    YouGotPwned, bitch please, understand all this and you'll look less like a pit of despair and autism...
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to BroOk in Make the armors drop for the clan that wins csw!   
    so turks or randoms need to add 6232452 players  to get better weapons funny story
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to XxxKingRazoRxxX in Meme wars   

    Also known as the @BulletClub special.
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to MON5TER in mdma   
    Yok video yok kc, yok brain yok kc. Yok yok yok
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to MDMA in mdma   
    Where video more min?
    3-4 ppl  watched the arena again easy 3-0 sentinus?
    Giveme first 2k kc after upload video



    If you are wondering about the video i can upload it after giving 2k kc first > upload video
    Also buy 11 wirinom
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to Biggie in NOT ABOUT APEX   
    press f13
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to muffzord in Razor talks shit   
    wtf are you talking here about? The fact that you try to kick a guy that you simply dont like by pming random people and asking them to follow you in your stupidity is incredibly lame.
    This situation really needs gm attention just to make clear that kicking players from events for no reason should not be tolerated.
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    yokbrainkanka got a reaction from Miguannnnnnnnnnnn in Small Funny PK #SELL NCS   
    Why? So you can use a macro? No thx I only vs legit people. Not people that use a programme and think they're something.
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to MDMA in Small Funny PK #SELL NCS   
    You can do it with me
    5 winn 3-0 starting advance to you 5k kc bet
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    yokbrainkanka got a reaction from MDMA in Small Funny PK #SELL NCS   
    But at least they can kill people, you just want to vs everyone and still lose.
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to MON5TER in Dj old pics   
    Literally the most boring back and forth argument ive ever read. Atleast throw the word "cunt" in there somewhere and make it enjoyable for the rest of us.
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to MON5TER in Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT   
    One random clan against another. Yawn.
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to XxxKingRazoRxxX in Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT   
    It's lame but you gotta deal with it. In every game there's a top tier / SSS character or strategy that, unless nerfed or countered by something better, will always rule over others.
    This game never receives balance so it's hard to imagine of anything that can beat the braindeadness that is cry echo spam on an equal skill level. A better party could probably outplay them but they'd have to play perfectly while these guys just need to roll their faces on keyboard to victory.
    I take it most people here don't play other games that aren't KO so it makes sense.
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to iLoveMyBanana in Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT   
    Nothing much,this random LYS clan they are proud that they killed a sin clannie while they pking with 3xpriest...funny tho watching this image makes me laugh ,you must be way too much unskilled to pk with 3xpriest
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to iLoveMyBanana in Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT   
    Oh hai random,what's up?
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to MDMA in Cartel clan 2v2   
    Yes done today  5-2 my and priest winn
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    yokbrainkanka got a reaction from Holland in Cartel vs SlapYourSelf #DoYourParentsKnowYou'reGay @Apexko (4k quality)   
    u spend half the time moving away from fight nd hitting no one, close the topic, fair enough quality is good, but the quality of the vs is dreadful. 3 priests, embarrassing
    delete topic
    ban cartel nd lys
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to XxxKingRazoRxxX in Need we want a poll New Server   
    Sorry but what you said is retarded in several ways, let me explain you why:
    1. Multiple servers in a PSKO will never work. There isn't that big of a playerbase, even considering the new joining players.
    2. You addicted. Shut up. I just think that to achieve the goal you're looking for (which is... a more crowded server I guess?) there are other means to get to it than just LOLRELAUNCH. A relaunch is a last resort on servers that literally have 10 people left in them. There's a moderate yet stable playerbase in apex. Why would you take a gamble just to try to appeal to a few noisy children that get off from playing new server releases? This idea gets especially dumber when you consider that there are still cards left to play for twostars (utc anyone?)
    3. "I think apexko's admi-" Stop right there. The answer is no. Speaking technically they can, in every other regard they cannot unless they hire like 5 other active and trustworthy gms. Farm servers are considerably harder to handle. You think the whining in shoutbox is bad now? Try to factor in all the stuff that we don't see because of the pk nature of this server. People complaining about luring, ksing, losing a (small) drop, finding money making exploits, reporting babashoppers, etc. You would never hear the end of it.
    4. "You can easily see who plays this game for what purpose". What are you even on about? How is playing semi-casually a PK server remotely compared to no-lifing on a farm one? I guess you're right. I can surely see who plays this game for what purpose... or doesn't, I don't even know if you play but you sure do stay around to bitch.
    5. New servers within a month or two reach the point where we're at activity-wise. So tell me what would be the fucking point again?
    Saying a big fuck you to the loyal playerbase in order to gamble getting a new audience is a very bad business maneuver which usually tends to backfire, pleasing no one in the end.
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to MON5TER in LoseYourSelf vs Cartel 2v2 in ApexKO   
    The nerd testosterone in this thread is one for the record books. This was the first thing that came to mind
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to XxxKingRazoRxxX in ILLEGAL NAME   
    Stop replying and liking your own posts...
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to DeadX in LoseYourSelf VS All Clan in KO History   
    Now if GM's strips everyone's gear. Makes them wear normal gear. 50% of this server wouldn't ever vs. Single or Group..
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    yokbrainkanka reacted to Tukeiýi in Cartel 8vs8 LoseYourSelf 12k kc bet!   
    +1 yokbrain im fine also with this , its apexko now days what can do need add 3rd priest because db spamming heals/cures wrong time and buffer die like 2hits   that shit is about want to win 150% sure not even take fun about it, soon all of this clans who doing 8 vs 8 only starts pm " hey come 2vs2 2k kc offer etc "  , die once with 2xpriest 6xwarrior next time run out of town = 3x priest = 5x warrior