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  1. Forum account

    Why you getting upset? I just basically told you what he said in simpler English?
  2. Forum account

    he's saying there is no point in having another account because all you do is +1 your comments.
  3. Why are you going back on yourself? Stop, leave the house you cringey fuck. Going out now, stop going back on yourself, get English lessons, and then we'll talk.
  4. Degano doesn't work as a GM anymore, that's last I heard from him when I spoke to him 2 months ago. If they banned them for illegal software they'd have to unban them for false ban, simple.
  5. cmon dylan, "brain death monkey" for a start it's brain dead monkey, you illitirate fuck, it clearly says illegal software.
  6. 1ce proves nothing nd u need to read chat, illegal software, have you ever even played a usko server in your life? its fine if not, go make cartelko if you want everything your way :-/
  7. Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    You're not worth KC to waste, I wouldn't say I'm scared - as you're probably a little faggot who gets the shit beaten out of you so you come on the internet to tey "scare" people over a game hardly anybody plays. You have your offer from MDMA, there you go.
  8. Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    Why? So you can use a macro? No thx I only vs legit people. Not people that use a programme and think they're something.
  9. Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    Like I told you before if you want to vs you can vs me with no macro, but you're just a random who gets bullied everywhere, ko4life, here. Heck you even posted that you wanted to buy a macro on ko4life. Joke of a player
  10. Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    But at least they can kill people, you just want to vs everyone and still lose.
  11. Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    But at least they can kill people, you just want to vs everyone and still lose.
  12. Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT

    he thinks he's skilled to use 3 priests because he calls his ko4life friends and they tell you all about usko and how its run by 3 priest parties even though it's not. bunch of randoms that think 3 priests actually takes skills, ive been in their ts it's fucking horrible and embarrassing.

    he said it's on and that's it.