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  1. Jazz

    To Rabbit.

    it looks like cheating to me! report david4244 please! ban! now! why isnt he banned yet? gms? omg!! no gms here? this server is dead? ban david4244? omg... okay I quit, ty all bb!
  2. Jazz

    Give us the old anvil back!

    that would be really cool to be honest..
  3. I burned 6 tries in a row once, 5 tries as well! on the other hand I made 2 uniques +0 from frist try which was sooo out of nowhere!
  4. Jazz

    About FT

    more like 3 drainers is all you need, but yet again rogues keep their safe distance away from VR scared of novas.. I remember I used to shout to convince them to come drain.. not to mention the useless mages and archers!
  5. Jazz

    xJazZ cheating at chaos.

    FYI, that has nothing to do with me...
  6. I made 8x +0 and none of them were amulet
  7. its a visuial bug, dw about it! same goes for old DR and other uniques I believe..
  8. Jazz

    First DS +8 nigs

    Let me know when you guys wanna upgrade again, I made my first 2 +8's after you bugged the Anvil