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  1. IEdge (Thundercatzzz) Vs Obelix (BadCompany)

    Nice vs, also nice mage interfering
  2. like the idea, as long as the bug with the warders gets resolved where if the person who gets the first warder kill( for their nation ) will get the other warder/keeper as long as they have dealt damage to it and were present for it's death, haven't seen if it has been fixed or not since ardream war gets closed within 10 minutes of opening.
  3. you guys should come human and pm billiejean for clan, we need some priests/ warriors
  4. -Well when it comes to magic shield i'm sure it works perfectly fine, i mean it's a 30 second skill so you can't expect to have crazy res for a long time like priest/ warriors do, maybe they could increase how long the skills lasts. -also the thing with the aztec are you towning or being moved away from the mages staff range when it goes off on you? because if the curse goes off and you are still in his attack range he can actually get the kill from a last second staff attack ( if you this is not the case then definitely needs to be fixed asap ). -Also i never used smoke screen on official, but why would it blind the caster aswell, kind of pointless for it to blind the person using it to evade others, i don't think it's too much of an issue as it is now because it does blind the enemy in the certain radius as it should, i would think you wouldn't want your skill crippling you aswell.
  5. hey laurawells your divide must have failed but you do know your rush worked right?, he was clearly stunned in the last 2 seconds that you showed us before you wanted to zoom in on it saying the skill failed. You are always accusing henkan of something ever since you lost that vs to him full hp in cz.
  6. Never enough banners bruh #GetYourPostCountUp
  7. call soap and rocket and let's remake whatever gay name jago can come up with?
  8. TukiOwnz Very Strong

    looks nice in my signature ty
  9. TukiOwnz Very Strong

    nice damage....np..................... p.s: mind if i add this to my signature aswell?
  10. wery gg my teamlar is back, bang go priest aq,
  11. @DonaldTrump Wait wait wait, you admitted to scamming a player on apex, you were also banned on ko4life( on multiple accounts ) for scamming, and you say the gm's of apex said you can play here again as long as you don't try to scam again?, please show us proof of alpha saying that, maybe he did maybe he didn't but i highly doubt he did, also by the ko4life link that got posted, even if sixtyseven wrote that comment 3 days ago who also wouldn't lie about someone trying to scam them because he has ran multiple successful transactions throughout his time on that ko forum, you commented on the 22nd saying you didn't scam, and you were banned on that account for scamming, so you got banned on ko4life within the last 2-3 weeks on probably multiple accounts, either you should be banned from the apex community in general or you should have a forced tag placed on both your forum account / all of your ingame characters labeling you as a known scammer so players who do not know of your dirty deeds do not run the risk of being scammed. @Zaikooo On a side note if you know this guy has scammed/ tried to scam players in the past, why do you add him to clan?, you will just lose more and more respect for yourself and your clan. and you are lucky most of the new english community that joins the server doesn't log forums right away, because if they see all these posts about a scammer that is a member in your clan, why would they want to be in the same clan as him?
  12. Best Free nps named Xitam np
  13. You do know if you have lag that you will see other places at a far range from you when they are actually next to you, actually if you have 2 pc and you test it in moradon arena( the indoor melee ones ) and record both screens you will see it happen again and again, lag and your fps at the time can make this happen, xHenquish is innocent on this one.
  14. stop wait this is the same topic you used against that one player pindaari, who you claimed scammed you before, where is the proof that he is the same person ?
  15. how exactly is your bp stated majority int?, why not use the old bp style of enough int for armor( since you're most likely in krowaz with hp bonus, grab 2x rosetts 8 with str bonus for the extra dmg if you need it ), enough str for the main 2 handed weapon you use,( personally hb +11 worked best ) and have a leonar and gabs for when you are getting tanked( this should be obvious to people ), i did it just a month ago and it worked fine for me, just most players don't understand that you need to learn how to swap out your items fast for each situation you face, it's not that bp needs a boost with anything, it's that people hear about the int giving ap thing and think int bps should only use dual hammers that give int bonus and uniques that give int bonus, probably we should call the bp that uses int for it's armor and str for a 2 handed weapon something different so people will know.